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The original PUBG map was called Erangel. It is an island with a lot of vegetation, including bushes, trees, and a city, which makes for an excellent ambush hiding place. Every player has access to a wide range of rotations because of the several large pathways.

Battle royale video games offer a range of maps for players to explore. Simply put, some maps become more well-known over time than others.

Also, Nuketown became well-known in Call of Duty titles, while something well known is the Inferno map in CS: GO. The same applies to the PUBG mobile map.

Therefore, battlegrounds that are unfamiliar to the player can be enjoyed and mastered in the game’s many modes and maps.

PUBG MOBILE Map Guide – Erangel

Players have a wide range of preferences for PUBG mobile maps. They included four maps in the PUBG mobile map guide:

  • Erangel
  • Miramar map
  • Sanhok map
  • Karakin

Until recently, there was a different map called Vikendi, but it has since been retired. As seen in the PUBG mobile map guide, the four maps are unique!

The Erangel map in the PUBG mobile map guide is based on the city with bridges, homes, factories, and a military installation. Therefore, the present is also a prison.

There are also lakes and rivers. Since it is an island, water encircles its extensive extent.

1. Based on an equally arid island with minimal vegetation, the Miramar map.

2. Although the entire landscape is covered with hills, places like San Martin and Pecado still have a lot of houses and other structures.

3. It is also the largest map of the entire game.

4. Sanhok’s little map is encircled by a verdant jungle.

The Road

A total of 64 square kilometres, of which 51.47% is land and 48.53% is water, are covered by the erangel map guide, which is eight by eight kilometres in size. On the map, there are hills, rivers, mountains, and grasslands.

Also, the map is partially based on the Russian city of the same name. The map features many locales, which gives it the appearance of a real city.

Therefore, the PUBG erangel map has the look of being a dynamic and action-packed map thanks to residential districts like Pochinki, Rozhok, and Georgopol City, as well as locations like the Prison, Shelter, and Military Base Mylta power.


Water Bodies

There are two bodies of water on the map, one on each side. However, the military base on the map, which is separated from the main map by a body of water, can only be reached by players through a bridge that connects the two locations.

Near the Georgopol dockyard, on the northern side of the map, is another separation. This divides places like Severny, Shooting Range, Georgopol City, Stabler, and Kamishki.

A minor body of water divides this map area, but access is not too difficult. Also, you can get a broad concept of it and the places that can suit your gaming interests from this map overview.

Locations For Rush or Fast-Paced Players

Since it is the most well-known and often utilised map in the game, players are virtually always present almost everywhere.

The map contains several hot drops. With the help of this map, they can maintain a fantastic k/d ratio.

Therefore, there are many spots that can help rushers or speedy players keep the preferred style of games.


A hot drop is a location where players can land or arrive from anywhere on a particular map. However, the wealth of supplies and riches that I well recognised spawn in these locations.

These areas, or at least a portion of them, are always in the plane’s course of travel. Therefore, they are hence always packed with players.


One of the most well-known cities in the world is Pochinki. With its numerous buildings, homes, and compounds, it resembles a residential neighborhood.

In this location, players have plenty of space to rush, flank, and attack continuously. Players routinely travel by or arrive at this site, one of the most well-known places on the map. Therefore, there are a lot of subterranean bunkers.

By doing this, you have a greater chance of discovering enemies and other players, which will result in more kills.

Map Guide for PUBG Mobile: Supplies and Weapons

Pochinki is even more reachable than other locations due to its central location on the map. The supplies and weapons are also good here, but if you see a lot of people landing nearby.

However, it is preferable to head to the squad house or the church. This will keep you actively involved without endangering your life or placing you in danger of attack.



Rozhok is another preferred drop for PUBG Mobile gamers. The environment plays a big part in this. A road, some buildings, and a hill divide Rozhok.

Due to the adjacent school, it’s a good idea for players to keep a watch on Rozhok. The adjoining apartment complex also makes it easy to be close to the action.

To determine when to jump from the plane, first take a look at the hot zone map below:

We’ll be able to gauge how many players are on Erangel thanks to it. Red zones are busy with other players and bsr for the flight path early on, whereas green zones are safe.

As can be seen,

  • Georgopol
  • Polyana
  • Novo

Are the Three Main Hotspots on Erangel?

Because they are dispersed over the island, the players usually land at these locations and move on to these zones once they have amassed enough stuff. Also, if you arrive in these areas, you’ll be met by a furious firefight.

Military Base

The prison on the east shore of the island is a suitable site to land because it provides a nice viewpoint from which to approach the troops at Myla sosnovka.

Polyana or Base. A moderately crowded place with valuable loot is the Military Base. Given its size, you may assemble sufficient armor and weapons, such as sniper rifles.

Also, without having to worry about being shot. You can also go straight to Novo from here if you want to shoot something.

Gatka Is A Good Place to Land

Gatka is an excellent place to land if you’re in the west of the island because it’s close to many locations, and you can get anywhere on the island quickly, especially if you can find a car.

Check Out the Loot Map Below To Get Started

There is no question that Georgopol and Polyana are the best locations to discover riches. We do, however, suggest avoiding those regions for the aforementioned reasons.

Assault rifles and DMRs are the most common weaponry in these locations, making them perfect for a map like Erangel. Both Pochinki and Severny are good options for finding top-tier armor and weapons.

Pochinki experiences more combat than Severny, thus we advise to start there. Several offers top-notch equipment and a reduced amount of combat if it is not in the flight path. Pochinki will teach


Where is Mylta Power in Erangel?

On the eastern side of the map is the settlement of Mylta Power. Actually, it’s a power plant rather than a city.

What is the Largest PUBG Mobile Map?

The 88 map is not only the biggest, but it’s also the tallest and densest one the game has ever seen.

We sincerely hope that this article on the PUBG mobile map guide – Erangel – Pochinki will be very helpful to you in your play.

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