PUBG MOBILE Folding Mountain Bike

PUBG MOBILE Folding Mountain Bike New Gameplay

A brand-new vehicle called a mountain bike has entered PUBG PC. We will provide detailed details on this mountain bike in this article and also let you know whether or not it will be included in PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

Recently, the PUBG PC test server went live with the game’s impending 15.1 update, which features the introduction of a brand-new vehicle called the Mountain Bike.

Therefore, you have never encountered a vehicle in the game with such incredible features as the Mountain Bikes.

PUBG Mobile Folding Mountain Bike

In PUBG MOBILE, you can ride the brand-new folding mountain bike that can be carried in a backpack and moved around freely!

Did you know that there will soon be new vehicles added to PUBG MOBILE? The sort that can fit in a backpack? Does this imply that players will have greater mobility than ever before?! Just right! The new Vehicle is absolutely fantastic. The folding Mountain Bike is here!.

PUBG Mountain Bike Features

Let’s now examine the instruction manual. You can take a mountain bike with you when you’re looking for supplies, store it in your backpack, and use it again whenever you’re outside. However, it goes without saying that such a substantial object will occupy some space in the backpack. Simply open your backpack, locate the bike, and tap on it to use it when you need to travel more quickly. 

Note: The deployment will take four seconds.

You’ll be able to ride the bike again after that. The controls on the bike are the same as those on cars, but if you want to ride it for a long time, you should drink a small Energy Drink before you start. Second, the Mountain Bike will not sustain any damage to its wheels or frame from gunfire or grenades.

It is also important to note that cyclists are permitted to carry firearms while riding, and because there is no engine, the entire process of cycling is virtually silent. When you try to escape the Blue Zone or the Final Circle, enemies will be less likely to catch you off guard. 

You can either unfold the bike and flee or store it and plan an ambush if you find yourself in cover during a firefight. Players will have to rely on their own wits and calm improvisation because a bike can’t match the speed of cars and other vehicles.

What exactly makes folding Mountain Bikes so great? I suppose it’s because they care about the environment!


Mountain Bike Pros and Cons


Particularly for gamers who are also bike fans, these vibrant bicycles are a great addition to the game! The mountain bike is incredibly practical and adaptable.

Compared to jogging, players can get to a safe zone more quickly. Since it has no engine, it is also incredibly silent when compared to other vehicles like automobiles and motorcycles.

You can plan surprise attacks and cunning maneuvers without being noticed.

The mountain bike’s indestructibility is another benefit. No fuel? No issue! To navigate across the map and get from one area to another, use your pedal power.

The fact that this new car is foldable and conveniently fits within your backpack, however, may be its best feature. Throughout the game, you may just pull it out whenever you need a quick boost of speed.


The mountain bike has several benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. Players are unable to perceive their rate of movement (it does not have a speedometer). It can only be used by one person at a time, which is another thing.

Things you Can Try with your Mountain Bike

You can experiment with various bike maneuvers and bring out your inner aggressive rider in addition to riding in style.

Also, do occasional bunny jumps on your mountain bike. By using the dedicated Up or Down buttons, you can also try doing a wheelie (or a reverse wheelie! ) because hipsters don’t need two wheels to ride!


PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update

  • Check out the new PUBG mobile update for the new vision of 1.9 update and Revisions and Enhancements
  • New anniversary-themed gaming accomplishments have been added. Get missions finished to unlock unique, time-limited achievements.
  • In various configurations, the MVP screen and friend screen display was modified.
  • To make Aftermath Livik play and control more seamlessly on low-end devices, the backend touch processing was improved.
  • Rifle firing has been improved to make it more fluid in Aftermath.
  • Arena now supports Dolby Atmos. enhanced the audio quality and increased enemy detection accuracy using gunshot and footstep sounds.

Using Up Resources Changes: Players will now receive instructions on how to free up resources when the device’s storage is running low. The storage clean

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the problem where you couldn’t finish the task for the achievement Threat From Above when you dropped in on the specified Miramar location.
  • The issue where the camera would sporadically rise when being eliminated has been resolved.
  • Sound effects for firearms that occasionally wouldn’t play have been fixed.
  •  Fixed the problem where hit effects wouldn’t show up correctly when watching.
  • It was resolved that the text, BP, and EXP would not display correctly in the Career Results.
  • On iPhone 13 Pro devices, the crosshair would occasionally shift around; this problem has been fixed.

The New PUBG Update 15.1 Patch Notes

The developers have now given players a rather intriguing way to travel the area in response to user demand for the mountain bike. In its folded state, the Mountain Bike can be found as a lootable item on the map’s periphery.

However, the Mountain Bike trades armor and protection for stealth, allowing players to go softly about the map because it has no engine.

Players have a ton of opportunities to use stealth techniques because they can shoot while riding a mountain bike.

PUBG MOBILE Celebrates 4 Years. See What You Get As a Gift

New themed fields, vehicles, a floating sky game option, and more are now accessible. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to obtain a brand-new X-Suit.

Also, take advantage of a brand-new Royale Pass season and month, and take part in a brand-new partnership with Warframe, an online multiplayer game.

A new kind of transportation is also available for those on land. You can purchase brand-new folding mountain bikes and utilize them as one-person vehicles.

Therefore, this silent bike, which requires neither refueling nor recharging, can be packed away by players to be used later when they need to move quickly.

Players can collect four different kinds of colored balls on Spawn Island, which they can use to paint specific structures.

Also, in themed mode, Color Balls can also be utilized to call forth four distinct enormous statues that, when called forth simultaneously, will conduct a unique performance.

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