Open Apk Files on Android

How to Open Apk Files on Android?

If you use an Android smartphone, you’ve probably encountered APK files before. Ever questioned what it is or How to Open Apk Files on Android? You are a must. It is essential to comprehend it if you want to acquire leaked apps and personalize your Android experience beyond merely using the Play Store.

Let’s examine what an APK file is and how to download and open one. We’ll also go through a few programs for opening APK files.

What’s An APK File?

APK, or Android Package Kit, is an extension for Android Package files, which Google’s Android OS use to distribute programs. It is comparable to the.exe files used by the Windows operating system to install programs. The resources, manifest, and compiled application code of an application are all contained in the APK files.

We typically download apps from the Play Store without ever recognizing the phrase “APK.” The reason for this is that Android handles the process of installing apps in the background. Several websites offer APK files for download if you know how to manually install the programs.

However, you should always exercise caution when downloading these files because, like.exe files, APK files may also readily spread malware.

Why do we use APK files?

Installing APK files is your solution if you feel that there are limits in Android’s default settings and applications and you want to do more with your device. You can download programs and games that are in the beta stage or aren’t available where you are from a reliable source using APK.

Here are some uses of APK files:

  • You can download and utilize pirated apps by using APK files.
  • Additionally, they enable you to download the most recent Google updates by bypassing carriers.
  • You might not be able to download some apps because Google occasionally places region limits on their download ability. The answer to this issue is also an APK file.
  • Some application designers won’t present their items to the Play Store. To download these applications, you will require APK documents.

Enrolled beneath are the noticeable envelopes and records that you can find in an APK document:

  • The manifest file, a signature, and a resource list are all included in the archive under META-INF/.
  • The native library for a particular device architecture is located at lib/.
  • The resource that is not included in resources.arsc is res/. For instance, pictures. assets/ are the unprocessed resource files that developers include with their apps.
  • Describes in detail the APK file’s name, version, and contents in the AndroidManifest.xml file.
  • The compiled Java classes that must be executed on the device are in the file classes.dex.
  • The assembled resources utilized by the app, such as strings, are contained in Resources.arsc.

Viewing the contents of an APK file:

APK files can be opened with any ZIP decompression program because they are compressed ZIP files. Therefore, all you need to do to view the contents of an APK file is change its extension and open it. Alternatively, you can access it directly using a zip application’s open dialogue box.

Finding APK Files

The APK files for user-installed apps are located in the /data/app/directory on Android devices, while those for preinstalled apps are found in the /system/app folder, and can be accessed using ES File Explorer. All that being said, now let’s head on to “How to Open Apk Files on Android”.

Open Apk Files on Android
Android Apps

How To Install An APK File?

Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Set-up your device

Go to settings and select the security option to configure your Android smartphone. To allow the installation of those programs that are not from the Play Store, choose the “Unknown Sources” option. To receive a warning if you are about to install a dangerous APK file, select and check the box next to the verify apps options. You will only have access to safe APK files with this selection.

2. Get an APK file and download it

You should be certain of the APK file you want to download before beginning the download. To open a file on your Android device without any trouble, you must select a trustworthy file.

Find the APK file you wish to download by opening the browser. To begin the download, click the file. Click open to begin the installation after downloading.

You will receive a notification asking you to allow APK files from unknown sources to install if the APK file installation is blocked on your device. Click install to start the installation, and afterward.

3. Installing APK files after downloading them from a PC

Make sure your computer will allow access to third-party software from other sources before starting the process. To do this, select the menu option, go to settings, and then select security. To check if your computer can access unidentified programs, click on unknown sources.

Finding the file you want to download and clicking Download to download it into your system are the initial steps in downloading and installing APK files from your computer to your Android smartphone. Choose a suitable spot to save it.

Interface your Android gadget to your PC after downloading. Choose to connect your device as a media device from the available options.

Find the folder where you got the APK file, then copy it to the correct folder on your device. To download the app to your Android device, disconnect the device from the computer, find the file, and install it.

How to Open Apk Files

These files can be opened on a variety of Operating Systems even though they are primarily utilized on Android devices.

  • How to Open Apk Files on Android

Simply download the APK file, then launch it when prompted on an Android device. However, attempts to install APK files outside of the Play Store can result in delays due to safety barriers. A few settings must be modified in order to get around this downloading limitation and install them from untrusted sources.

Following are a few methods for opening an APK file, depending on your version of Android:

  • Go to the applications and notifications section of settings. Then click on special app access under the advanced option. At last, pick the choice to install obscure applications.
  • Navigate to apps and notifications in settings.
  • Go to the security options under settings.

To install the unofficial APK files, you might need to grant special app permission. The option to enable installing programs from unknown sources or sources may also be present. You might require a file manager if it still won’t open.

How To Create An APK File?

If you’re feeling very creative, you might create an APK file and utilize that for your program. An APK file can be made with ease. For Mac, Windows, and Linux, you can utilize Android Studio, which is the Integrated Device Environment for Android Software Developers. Users can make APK apps for the Play Store using this tool.

Tools For Opening APK Files

You can open APK files with particular programs and tools. Here are a few examples.

  1. WinRAR

WinRAR is a compression software package that is simple to use and highly quick. More than 500 million people utilize it today. Their designers have tried to iron out their kinks over time to produce almost faultless software. WinRAR is the best program for opening APK files. Additionally, it is free to use.


  • A robust compression tool with a wide range of extra features to assist you in organizing the compressed archives.
  • It is quicker than any other comparable program on the market today.
  • It reduces labor time, disc space, and transmission expenses.
  • Supports practically all compression formats.
  • Since it automatically chooses the optimum method of compression for each multimedia file, it is perfect for multimedia files.
  • You can easily divide archives into separate volumes with WinRAR and save them on various disks.

Price: Free

  1. WinZip

Winzip is incredibly user-friendly and highly compatible. It is by far the most widely used compression program as a result of this capability. It’s incredibly effective at unpacking files and opening APK files. It quickly extracts the entire contents. It is available for free use, and if you choose, you can also purchase the pro version.


  • It virtually always opens all popular file formats.
  • The size of email attachments can be decreased with the help of the compression program WinZip.
  • To protect the files, it has banking-level encryption.
  • It is capable of managing and accessing files not only on your PC but also on networks and cloud storage.
  • It can be linked to your Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and other storage services.


  • WinZip Standard: $35.34
  • WinZip Pro: $58.94
  • WinZip Pro Combo: $58.94
  1. 7-Zip

It is a file archiver that is open-source and free. It is a tool that stores collections of files in archives, which are also referred to as compressed containers. One of the applications that are frequently used to open APK files is this one.


  • Its compression ratio is high.
  • It supports almost all of the popular file formats.
  • Can use strong encryption to protect files in 7-Zip.
  • It can self-extract.
  • It includes connectivity with the Windows Shell.
  • Both a command-line version and a robust file manager are features of 7-Zip.
  • Offers 87 different tongues.

Price: Free


They are entertaining if you know how to work with APK files. You receive all the apps that aren’t launched yet or that aren’t available where you are. Sounds awesome, no? Also, You can use them to run Android applications on a Mac or Windows laptop. You can also make your app if you want to be creative.

Use AirDroid from the Google Play Store to get the APK version of an app you’ve already installed. Access your phone with AirDroid from the web browser on your PC. Choose the installed program from your list of apps, then click the download icon to get the APK file.

So, as you can see, using those Android apps on a Mac or Windows laptop is simple with APK files. If you know how and what to do with APK files, you can accomplish a lot.

Hopefully, this post has clarified all of your concerns regarding “How to Open Apk Files on Android”. You can also read other unique articles by visiting our blog.

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