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How to Install Apk on Android Tv

Since Android TVs run on the same operating system as Android phones, you can use your TV to visit the Google Play Store to download and install the app. It’s also feasible to install applications that aren’t listed in the Google Play Store. “Sideloading” refers to the act of transferring APK files in order to do this. So here is How to Install Apk on Android Tv.

You can do this in a variety of ways in addition to having the choice to install other apps. This post will discuss various methods and devices for installing APK files on your Android TV.

How to Install Apk on Android Tv

The first step is always the same when installing an APK file, regardless of the method, you select. You must permit installing apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. To do this, adhere to the following steps:

  1. By selecting the gear symbol in the bottom row, you may access “Settings” on your TV.
  2. Once you see “Security & limitations,” scroll down.
  3. Turn “Unknown Sources” on.
  4. Click “Accept” on the warning window that will pop up.

The APK file must be downloaded to your computer in the next step. There are other websites where you may find APK files, with APK Mirror being the most well-liked. Choose the file you desire, then download it to your computer.

A simpler method is to use Dropbox or Google Drive. In contrast, if your Android TV doesn’t have a file manager, you’ll need to install one. Simply launch Google Play Store and type “ES File Explorer” into the search bar to accomplish this. then take the following actions:

  1. Upload the APK file that was downloaded to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  2. On your Android TV, launch Es File Explorer.
  3. Choose “Cloud” from the “Network” menu when you find it.
  4. Click “New” in the top right corner and select the cloud platform you are utilizing (Google Drive or Dropbox).
  5. your cloud account by logging in.
  6. When your cloud storage shows on the screen, choose it.
  7. Click the APK file to begin the download by navigating to it.
  8. After the download is complete, a pop-up for installation will display. Choose “Install.”

Installing APK on Android TV without a File Manager

You must have Android Debug Bridge (ADB) installed on your PC in order to use this method. It’s better to use a third-party installation tool if you’re not a programmer. On Windows, you can utilize Nexus Tools, and on Mac or Linux, you can use 15 Seconds ADB Installer.

Although installing APK files using this method is more difficult, it may be more practical for some people. To activate developer options on your Android TV, follow these instructions.

  1. Activate “Settings.”
  2. You must scroll until you see the “About” link.
  3. Several times click the “Build” option. You will receive a notice letting you know how many clicks are required to activate the developer mode.
  4. Developer Mode will be available in the “Preferences” section of the settings menu. Just click it.
  5. Turn “USB Debugging” on.

Now you must use a USB cable to link your TV and PC. To proceed, adhere to these steps:

  • Shift+Right click the folder containing your APK file after opening it.
  • To open a command window, choose this.
  • Enter after entering the following: adb gadgets
  • Enter the command “adb install apkname.apk” after the devices are connected.
  • The installation will start, and after it is finished, the word “success” will show.

How to sideload any application on Android TV

Your television is probably running some variation of Android TV, whether you’re using an Nvidia Shield TV running Android 11 or the most recent Chromecast with Google TV. Google is paying closer attention to the streaming market than ever before, and the company even plans to introduce more affordable devices to take on companies like Amazon and Roku. Because Android TV is an open platform, just like Android phones, any missing apps may be rapidly added by sideloading new ones. As you may anticipate, obtaining APKs for your TV is more difficult than it is for a Pixel 6 or Galaxy S22. The two best ways to sideload APK files into any Android TV or Google TV device are described above.

Install APKs from an Android phone or tablet

There are several alternative ways to upload APK files to Android TV, like setting up a cloud file manager or laboriously configuring ADB on a computer. The simplest option is to use the “Send files to TV” program, which allows you to send files over your home network to an Android TV device or any other Android-powered device.

The “Send files to TV” app from the Play Store must first be installed on both your phone and TV. Open the Play Store and type the name into the search bar to install it on your TV. You can also click the aforementioned link on a desktop computer and select your TV as the installation target.

Open the Send files to the TV app on your TV after the app has finished installing on both devices, then choose the “Receive” option to launch the receiver. Press Send after opening the app on your phone. This launches a file browser, where you must locate and choose the APK file.

You should be able to choose the file on your TV and click “Open” after the file transfer is complete. If everything goes according to plan, you should receive a prompt to install the application.

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The Open button, however, occasionally fails to function properly in the transfer program. On the most recent Chromecast, I also saw some strange behavior that at first prevented me from accessing the installation options. If this occurs, you’ll need to set up a different file manager program on your TV, such as File Commander. Choose “Internal storage” from the main screen of File Commander, then click the Download folder. Press one to open any files you transferred utilizing the Send files to TV feature.

The notification “Installations from unknown sources are not allowed” could appear if your Android TV is a current version. If so, choose the “Settings” button to display a window on the side with a list of permitted applications.

You simply need to press back on your remote to resume the installation after turning the app that is attempting to install the APK (either the file manager or Send files to TV) to the “on” state. Before turning on the option for your app on Google TV, you must first allow the option under “Security & Restrictions” in the Apps section of settings.

How to install Android APK on Android TV box using Wireless File Manager

Android TV functions fairly similar to the original Android for smartphones. You may always sideload an app from reputable APK download sites if it isn’t readily available on the official Play Store. Look no further than the official app websites, such as APKPure, APK Mirror, Aptoide, and APK Store. However, there is a word of caution: not all apps are secure to download.

However, the procedure for installing an APK file on Android TV isn’t as simple as it could be. The problem is that Android TV doesn’t get along with apps that are not authorized by the Play Store. Even after the apps have been properly installed, you might not be able to see them listed with other Play Store downloads. Instead, you will need to download another app, which is fortunately available on the Play Store, in order to view them.

Remember that sideloading apps accidentally avoid Google’s Play Protect security measures. We can, however, offer you a walkthrough if you are okay with it.

Wireless File Manager

APK files can be downloaded and installed on your Android TV via a variety of methods. You can do this six different ways starting on Sunday before your toaster beeps if you’re tech-savvy. But I was seeking for a simple, hassle-free solution to install an APK that wasn’t available on the Play Store. We found the Wireless File Manager after scouring the Play Store and downloading a thousand apps. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like much, but it accomplishes the job rather effectively.

Here is what to do:

  • Use your browser on your PC to download an APK, such as Aptoid, a free alternative app store for Android TV, and set-top boxes.
  • Wireless File Manager can be downloaded from the Play Store.
  • Activate Wireless File Manager. To allow permission for Storage, comply with the prompt.
  • Choose Allow 
  • “Start Wireless File Manager” should be tapped.
  • On your local network, type the specified URL (for example, into a web browser. The network must be the same on Android TV and PC.
  • To upload the APK file to the Wireless File Manager directory, go to the ‘Choose File’ page on your browser.
  • Click “Send”
  • Open File Explorer in your Wireless File Manager app on your Android TV.
  • To install, click on the APK file that is now visible. Observe all instructions.

Enable Unknown Sources

Android won’t allow you to leave the door open, even if you decide to make it a habit of inviting unauthorized programs in through the back door. You can only install certain apps from untrusted sources using Android TV. You may think of it as choosing wisely each time you install an app. As a result, you must acknowledge that utilizing programs from unknown sources may result in loss of data or damage to your device for which you are completely responsible.

Yet another thing You still need to provide the app one more permission before you can install it. The program will frequently request access to your device’s files, media, and images. You’re ready to go once you set it to allow.

I hope that this blog post has addressed all of your questions about How to Install Apk on Android Tv.

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