Best Kept Secrets About How To Check Apk For Virus

How To Check Apk For Virus? – Full Guide

Sideloading apps on an Android device is a common solution when an app is unavailable in your area or you want to obtain updates faster. When desired app is not accessible through the Play Store for any reason, it may occasionally be the sole choice. However, You might need to check Apk in you intend to sideload for virus.

You should scan the APKs you’re about to install to make sure they don’t include anything malicious in order to ensure their safety. Fortunately, you can do that with the help of some of the resources we’ve gathered here.

The Advantages of Scanning APK Files

Although sideloading software has several benefits, there are also some drawbacks. One is that sideloading is by design prohibited on Android devices. To be able to accomplish it, you must enable installation from untrusted sources under Settings. Additionally, you won’t automatically receive updates for these programs. When an update is made manually available in your region, you must remember to do so.

The inherent security risk it poses is a more substantial drawback. You cannot be certain that the software is what its developer intended it to be because APK files do not originate from the Play Store. APK files can occasionally be pirated to get around some limitations (like in-app purchases) or, worse yet, they can be infected with malware to jeopardize the security of your phone.

Downloading APKs solely from reputable sources is one approach to stop these terrible viruses from infecting your phone. For instance, the Android community usually recognizes APK Mirror as a secure source for APK files.

Checking your APK files for viruses before installing them is another approach to stop malware from getting onto your phone. A few services are available to assist you in scanning an APK.

Best Kept Secrets About How To Check Apk For Virus
Scan Virus

Online Virus Scanners

There are numerous antivirus programs and internet scanners available, but only a few of them are effective. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top online.apk virus scanners that can check for malware, scan for viruses, compare the results with the original file version, and more. These web scanners scan virtually all file types, not just APKS files.

What is an Online Virus Scanner?

An online antivirus scanner is essentially a web-based service that anyone may use to transfer documents and have them examined with various antivirus programming software. Visit the website, look over the document you want to examine, click a button to start the upload of your document, and then wait for the results.

The findings are then displayed on your internet browser so you can decide whether it is compromised or not, depending on the load and speed of the server.

Let’s say you don’t yet own any commercial antivirus but you believe your device is infected with a virus. In that situation, a free internet-based virus scanning can provide a quick and easy fix without the need to download and install any antivirus software from a third party.

These cloud-based internet virus scanners don’t need your device’s processor to complete their duty because they run on cloud servers. Additionally, compared to your PCs, the processing performance on such servers is unfathomable. Using online virus scanners is therefore the greatest choice for everyone, according to this.

Online vs. Offline Antivirus Software

As everyone is aware, antivirus was first only available as offline software. Online scanners entered the market many years after this development to appeal to a brand-new clientele that believes in space-saving ideas in the era of cloud-based technologies.

There are various ways that internet scanners are superior to traditional antivirus software and different from it. Take a look at the reasons listed below.

No installation is required:

You must download and install any offline antivirus software you use on your computer. This will occupy a large amount of room in your storage. While online virus scanners can be used immediately from your browser and don’t need any disk space.

Basic Scanning for Free:

The fact that they are free is the key component of internet-based virus scanning. Web-based virus scanners are free to use. Although the filtering is free, it is understood that the results it provides will also be somewhat limited and that a user will not receive a comprehensive examining package in comparison to the offline one.

Frequently updated:

One of the main advantages of an online virus scanner is that it receives more frequent updates while remaining continuously effective and robust. It receives new upgrades as a result of the online developer community that consistently contributes to various open-source programs.

Live threat check:

When using any online virus scanner, you may benefit from live malware and virus scanning on any website you visit. Additionally, it can identify any SQL queries that could damage a user’s database.

Swift and Effective:

Such servers operate at speeds that are incomparable to those of a standard computer. In contrast, an online scanner may scan the same 18 GB file more thoroughly and quickly in less than 5 minutes if your computer’s offline antivirus program takes 20 minutes to do so.

Let’s examine a few of the top online virus scanners that you may use to check your files.

How To Check Apk For Virus

To help resolve your curiosity about how to check apk for the virus, below are a list of online virus scanners that can help you check your files.

MetaDefender Cloud

An extremely user-friendly internet-based tool called MetaDefender filters and analyzes documents, hashes, and IP addresses. It remarkably resembles VirusTotal and Jotti’s Malware Scan. All that is required is a file transfer or the IP address of a device to be scanned.

Examining shady emails is another of its special services. Any questionable email can be forwarded to [email protected] for analysis. You can use the information that is returned to decide if the email is safe to open or not.

Strangely, OPSWAT, the company responsible for MetaDefender, also provides news and updates on the most recent events in the field of security and safety. You have exclusive access to reports on malware outbreaks and related data statistics. The website will scan the material you upload for risks using more than 20 different antivirus programs, including reputable brands like Avira, McAfee, and BitDefender.


You can use a single file, a URL, an IP address, a domain, or a file hash to search through VirusTotal’s comprehensive database. Additionally, VirusTotal provides the most comprehensive set of tools and may have the largest databases of malicious files and file signatures from different users.

Additionally, Google purchased it in September 2012. Compared to its competitors, VirusTotal excels in almost every area, including speed (because of Google’s foundation) and possessing the engines of the majority of antivirus programs.

Additionally, it offers free open API usage, URL filtering, a voting system with the option for user comments, a wide range of language selections, additional information on the studied file, and many methods for forwarding the file to VirusTotal (email, web, work area programs, program expansions, versatile applications).


One of the best and easiest web-based virus scanning tools is offered by Internxt. You must visit their website to upload any questionable files. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file into that area using a dialog window. Then, utilizing its top-notch mechanism, Internxt will do its job of determining whether your file is corrupted or not.

One of the best benefits of this service is that you can upload any file up to 1GB in size. In addition to receiving accolades and honors from more than 30 reputable institutions, more than 1 million users have trusted Internxt with the protection of their files.

In addition to being an online virus scanner, it offers cloud storage and a secure synchronized photo gallery where you may upload and preserve your pictures. It offers 10 GB of storage for free and for the rest of your life. The service’s cost ranges from € 0.99 per month for 20 GB of storage to € 9.99 per month for 2TB, which might be useful for large enterprises.

Opentip by Kaspersky

We continue with Opentip, another well-known company in the antivirus sector that makes an online virus scanner. With our web scanner, scanning files is a rather simple process. First you must your files to the analysis section. Then it will conduct a search using all the Kaspersky records of malware and viruses that have been compiled with the aid of a sizable Kaspersky client base.

You can upload and check documents from your device up to 256 MB in size with our online scanner. Additionally, it allows you to target files using IP addresses, hashes, or URLs. It’s a simple service, but if you trust Kaspersky antivirus and want to use it to inspect your files without having to download or install anything, you might be enticed to use it.

Hybrid Analysis

A great online tool that filters for specific threats is called Hybrid Analysis. It is recommended that you use it and bookmark it in your browser before installing any freshly downloaded antivirus software on your computer.

You can either enter the file location or upload document up to 100 MB in size into the program window. Likewise, pasting a software link from your browser will also work (to check without downloading it to your PC). The benefit of this is that you can determine whether a file is safe to download or not. The last step is to select “Analyze.”

This online virus scanning procedure is advanced by Hybrid Analysis. Avast, McAfee, Avira, and the other online scanners described on this page will scan your file in any antivirus program.

In contrast, Hybrid Analysis in this case sends your file to a number of more secure and reliable internet virus detection tools, including VirusTotal, MetaDefender, and many others. On Hybrid Analysis, you may also scan IP addresses, domain names, and hashes.

Jotti’s Malware Scan

Jotti’s user interface and design are rather old when compared to other online virus scanner websites. However, it is still capable of doing its duties fairly well. Anyone can use the software because it is completely free.

You can upload a maximum of five files at once, with a storage limit of 250 MB per slot. Although it appears overly simplistic, it is a useful scanner for reviewing explicit documents before using them on your device, especially installers from third-party websites and executable files and applications.

Additionally, it checks the vulnerability report for your file using 14 different antivirus products. Avast, K-7, Bit Defender, and a number of other well-known scanners are some of those utilized by Jotti’s Malware Scan. Additionally, the tool always employs the most recent variations of the aforementioned scanners. You should be aware that in order to increase accuracy, it shares all of your personal files with the companies that provide its antivirus scanners.


It’s true that you can download any of the top antivirus programs, but doing so will cost you money and disk space. If you simply need to scan a few files on your computer, using an online virus scanner is the ideal option for such software.

You can keep your system safe and secure by scanning your computer files for malware and virus threats.

Furthermore, you might want to think about downloading an antivirus app for your Android device. Check out our list of the top antivirus apps for your phone if you’re not sure where to start. By performing routine exams, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the condition of your mobile device.

I hope, this article has clarified all of your concerns regarding how to check apk for virus.

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