Honkai Star Rail Beta: How to Sign Up

Honkai Star Rail Beta: How to Sign Up

A forthcoming free-to-play turn-based RPG called Honkai Star Rail hopes to impress players with its flashy combat and gorgeous anime-inspired setting. Here is how to sign up for the upcoming intergalactic adventure from HoYoverse, including gameplay, characters, and platforms.

Many players are anticipating Honkai Star Rail even though Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact have much regard among fans of anime and action games. Star Rail, one of HoYoverse’s most well-liked games, emphasizes tactical turn-based combat.

Honkai Star Rail aims to deliver a lot of action and memorable moments with a variety of flashy abilities, well-known characters, and stunning environments. However, there hasn’t been much news about the game.

What is Honkai Star Rail?

Characters from HoYoverse’s other well-liked turn-based RPG, Honkai Impact, are used in Honkai Star Rail, a free-to-play game. However, Star Rail only emphasizes turn-based action, as opposed to Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact.

While the player can freely direct their character while exploring the game’s overworld, combat requires more tactical decision-making. In battle, a play can use up to four characters, and each unit focuses on different skills and assaults.

Honkai Star Rail Gameplay and Story

Honkai Star Rail is a newbie turn-based RPG with an emphasis on strategic combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving, according to the developer. The game’s theme and visual style are similar to previous HoYoverse games

Despite being set in the same galactic universe as the first Honkai game, Honkai Impact 3rd, Star Rail will feature a distinct story. The cast will include both familiar and new faces.

As the protagonist of Star Rail, you’ve been implanted with a Stellaron, a seed of ruin. Obliteration, an Aeon (godlike creature) who believes that all citizens should be wiped out, is to blame for your predicament. 

Fortunately, this will not prevent you from boarding the Astral Express and exploring Star Rail’s universe. You’re not alone either; a group of passengers who claim to have inherited the “spirit of the Trailblazer” will accompany you on your journey.

Honkai Star Rail combat system

Honkai Star Rail’s combat system is built around teamwork. With up to four playable characters per team, the best combinations must take into account attacks, support abilities, and Elemental types. 

Honkai Star Rail has seven different Elements to choose from Physical, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Imaginary, and Quantum. If you want more teammates to choose from, you must use the game’s gacha system.

When you enter a Honkai Star Rail battle, the attack order is displayed in the upper left corner. Consider your opponent’s weakness; for example, if you see a small icy icon beneath their name, it means they are vulnerable to Ice damage.

Each character has three types of attacks: basic attacks, skills, and ultimate attacks. A Skill costs Skill points, whereas basic attacks regenerate Skill points. In other words, throughout the fight, you must carefully balance basic attacks and Skills. Ultimates can be used at any time and do not cost Skill points, but they take some time to charge.

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Will Honkai: Star Rail have PvP?

Honkai: Star Rail, including PvP, had not been announced at the time of writing. HoYoverse has traditionally deflected the harshest criticisms leveled at gachas by avoiding PvP modes in their games. 

This means that there is no pressure on players to spend money in order to gain or maintain a competitive advantage, high leaderboard rankings, or simply enjoy themselves in a space with players who pay to acquire superior characters and weapons.

Despite the fact that some fans have expressed a desire to see PvP modes added to HoYoverse titles, there has been no word of one being added to Honkai: Star Rail, which is almost certainly for the best. 

In fact, there has been no official word on multiplayer in Honkai: Star Rail, with the emphasis remaining on a single story. However, it appears likely that it will follow in the footsteps of other HoYoverse games, with options for things like drop-in friend support and two-to-four-player teamwork in limited contexts.

Honkai Star Rail Locations

Honkai Star Rail’s sci-fi universe is densely packed with worlds, each with its own distinct landscapes and stories. Jarilo-VI is one of those worlds, a very cold place with snowy plains.

Belobog, the last city with human civilization, is located on Jarilo-VI. The ‘Last Bastion of Mankind Against the Eternal Freeze,’ as it is also known. Belobog is divided into the modern Overworld, which governs it, and the Underworld, which contains the Old World’s ruins.

The Honkai Star Rail trailer shown at Summer Game Fest gave us a (very) brief glimpse of the Xianzhou Luofu, which appears to be a massive spaceship or bunker.

That’s all we know for the time being about Honkai Star Rail. 

Honkai: Star Rail Release Date Speculation

There is no official release date for Honkai: Star Rail yet, but some digital storefronts have begun listing April 26th, 2023 as the expected launch date. This leak feels plausible, both because the timing corresponds to expectations following the final beta, and because April 26th is March 7th according to the lunar calendar — March 7th being the name of one of HSR’s main characters, which fans have long speculated was intended as a release date tease.

As with any leaked information that hasn’t been approved by a game’s developers or publishers, this could turn out to be false, and it’s likely still subject to change even if it’s the current internal release date.

The game’s third and final closed beta began on February 10th, 2023, but the sign-up period has ended. This means that if you haven’t already signed up, you’ll have to wait until the global launch to play.

How to Sign Up for the Honkai: Star Rail Beta?

To participate in the Honkai: Star Rail beta, players must do the following:

  • Go to the Honkai: Star Rail official website.
  • Access your HoYoverse account.
  • Complete the survey.
  • Check your inbox for a beta invitation.
  • Download the beta client by following the instructions in the email.

Is there a Sequel to Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail is the fourth game in HoYoverse’s Honkai series, and it’ll be a sequel to Honkai Impact 3rd. However, it continues directly from the game’s ending and incorporates some of the same characters, but with very different gameplay.

Welt Yang, a significant NPC from Honkai Impact 3rd, has traveled to a parallel universe where the events of Honkai: Star Rail are taking place, and there have been hints that Honkai: Star Rail will mark his playable debut. 

Other returning characters, such as Himeko, Seele, and Bronya, are alternate universe counterparts of characters from the previous Honkai game.

The Honkai series is also linked to HoYoverse’s other major game, Genshin Impact, with hints of a shared multiverse. Given Genshin’s current popularity, I’d expect some nods to it in Honkai: Star Rail, if not some slight cross-promotion between the titles.

That’s all to know about Honkai Star Rail Beta, how to sign up, gameplay, release date, and the rest. For more information on the game, be sure to visit the official website.  

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