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ES File Explorer was originally the go-to choice for file management on Android, however, the presence of underlying Android file directors rendered this once fantastic tool obsolete. Despite the fact that Google has removed the program from the Play Store, it is still possible to use ES File Wayfarer on Android devices.

What ES File Explorer Is?

As previously said, ES File Explorer is a file manager that also functions admirably as a FireStick side-stacking utility.

The Amazon Store provides access to ES File Explorer. I’ve included installation instructions later in this aide.

This program allows you to sideload external APKs via web URLs. To sideload applications, however, you must have a premium subscription, which costs $9.99 per month.

You can also connect your FireStick to a PC using ES File Explorer to sideload APKs and even swap data. I’ve provided step-by-step instructions for sideloading apps that use this application once more.

Why Use ES File Explorer?

ES File Explorer performs all of the functions of the native Android file manager and then some. Its file-management capabilities include managing local files, such as root foundation files and other hidden files on your device. It works with files in your cloud services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox,, and OneDrive, to name a few.

ES File Explorer manages how and where storage is used to improve gadget execution and interfaces with LAN gadgets, for example, Windows PCs and their shared envelopes. A notebook application, a download manager, and a music player are all included.

ES File Explorer Mod Apk For Android

While most individuals will rarely, if ever, need to use the File Manager tool pre-installed on their phone, it is there for a reason. Most user-friendly assets, such as photographs and movies, may be readily found and indexed by programs like Gallery or Video. However, the ability to navigate the perplexing region that is the internal file structure would be a godsend for more complex demands or people. This is normally not possible with the pre-installed File Manager that comes with every phone. They are adequate for fundamental activities such as viewing the top layer of a file hierarchy, but they are limited at best and rudimentary at worst.

This is where ES File Explorer comes into play.


The nicest part about ES File Explorer Manager is that, despite its scary description of catering to users who need a more complete manner of viewing the file structure of their phone. Surprisingly, it has a very user-friendly UI. The program is attractively designed, and even before you can select the menu to access the current file structure, the app will compile the bulk of the items you are likely to be interested in, such as papers, videos, and images.

On a more advanced level, ES File Explorer provides the fundamental ability to navigate your file tree. However, you will be able to change them as you see fit, including splicing, copying, pasting, shifting, and so on, as well as transferring them to different devices. The software also includes a viewer and player so you can view your photographs and watch movies without leaving the app. While this is also possible in the standard File Manager, ES went a step further by including support for.rar archives.

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The Root Explorer, on the other hand, is the master function for serious specialists who wish to unlock the entire power of their phone with this app. This function, of course, necessitates rooting your phone, and once done, ES File Explorer Manager PRO grants you access down to the bare-bones files. This is something you couldn’t do using the default File Manager. There are risks in doing this because you will be tampering with the components that comprise your phone’s operating system, but ES is available if you are aware and prepared to take the risk.

Aside from that, ES File Explorer included a slew of other features such as a cache cleaner, SD Card analyzer, task killer, and so on. It also serves as a universal system utility, capable of managing the majority of your phone’s file hierarchy.

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How to Use ES File Explorer

After installing ES File Explorer, launch the application and hit Start Now to accept the security strategy and terms of administration. When you go to the Home screen, hit the Menu symbol in the upper left corner to see a breakdown of the application’s capabilities.

Tip: Select Premium to remove promotions, open custom subjects, and use all of the other features.

The ES File Explorer for Android main menu and home screen

Tap the magnifying glass at the top of the Home screen to search for files by name, then tap the three dots in the upper right corner to reveal a list of additional options. For example, tap Windows to show a list of currently open devices and menus.

Tip: Every time you open a menu item or transmit a device, the application creates a new Window. You can have up to 12 windows active at once, and they will start to overwrite one another.

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1. Network and Downloads

While the ES File Explorer is an excellent file explorer, it does much more than that. There is an excellent file downloader available for your use. Simply choose the downloader whenever you are downloading something from the internet, and it will download it for you.

The application also has powerful system administration features. ES File Explorer makes interacting with an organization and sharing files straightforward. This component alone warrants a full-fledged educational activity. There are also FTP, cloud, and, strangely, Far off Supervisor highlights. You can also stream media to an Android TV-enabled device. This program also allows you to sign into multiple Dropbox accounts, which is something that the official app does not allow.

2. User Interface

The application’s connecting point is typically mixed in with new components. The home screen may be perplexing at first because you may not have seen such a large number of organizers on your Android device earlier.

The application starts at the root of your internal memory, which is also known as an SD card for unknown reasons. On the program, the genuine SD card is referred to as Sdcard. This is not a problem with ES File Explorer; nevertheless, Android names the envelopes in this manner.

You can notice a lot of organizers in my cell phone’s inner memory in the screenshot above. An even accompanies a small image to indicate which application they are compatible with. If you need to get there quickly, this is a good option.

Because of the file explorer’s drop-down menu, the route is really simple. Tap the screen’s upper right corner (the region which says sd card in the screen capture). Furthermore, you will want to see all of the catalogs on your Android device. Here’s an example of what’s in store:

From there, you may quickly navigate to the most frequently used organizers on your device. As you can see, the “0” represents my internal memory. Because framework files take up a lot of space on Android, only 26.25 GB is available for use. The ext sd card is a shortened version of an outer SD card, in this case, a 64 GB one.

Fortunately, you can modify the viewpoint of the envelopes as well. It is better to settle in if you will discover and change files, for example. For example, if I intend to mass transfer a large number of files, it is better to make the symbols smaller. This allows me to see more information on a single screen. Similarly, if I absolutely need to discover a specific image inside the ES File Explorer, I would make the symbols bigger. This will also resize the image thumbnails to a reasonable size.

Windows is yet another outstanding feature of ES File Explorer. Tap on the windows symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen, and a dashboard will appear from the right, displaying all of the open windows. From there, you can surely navigate to the open dynamic windows. This is the best technique to duplicate items, starting with one envelope and moving on to the next.

3. Applications, storing and stacking

ES File Explorer has a robust application identification architecture and the executive’s framework. This means you can immediately share installed applications with others. While this component isn’t as advanced as a dedicated file shipper, it’s still useful to have in case of emergency.

The application naturally generates an APK file to distribute, which then installs on the receiving Android device.

If you need a thorough investigation of your excess space, ES File Explorer can help you with that as well. The application will take some time and then generate a visually appealing chart to show you what is taking up the majority of the space.

The file concealing feature of ES File Explorer is amazing. It not only hides the file from ES File Explorer, but also from other apps. For example, there is a humiliating photograph showing you in command of a horse. You can’t delete it, and you don’t want it to appear every time you launch the display application. You can either use an Android display application or just hide it by using ES File Explorer.

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