Freedom Apk Work on Online Games

The most potent free game buy app for Android at the moment is Freedom APK. In the majority of offline Android mobile games, it enables the player to simulate purchases in order to obtain free goods.

This is your fortunate day if you haven’t heard of Freedom for Android since then. It’s because the app is one of the best resources you can use to enable free in-app purchases on your Android device.

About the Freedom Apk App

You will adore this app if you enjoy playing games. Also, the best part is that using the app doesn’t cost you a dime; it is available for free.

In-app purchases are included in practically all modern apps in order to generate cash. Since ads provide very little money, they cannot rely only on them to turn a profit.

Although the app isn’t on the Play Store, don’t worry; we’ll give you the most recent download URL in this article.

Freedom Apk Features

For Android users, the app is a blessing, especially for gamers. The software has a ton of functions, and with each update, it gets better.

Also, there are numerous improvements and bug fixes in the most recent version of the Freedom app hack. The app’s previous version no longer crashes, which was a problem.

However, the app is currently flawless on the updated versions (lollipop and marshmallow). Take a look at the app’s features overall.

1. With this app, unlocking full versions of the games is simple.

2. With this program, you can fake game currency, points, and rewards.

3. Works with the majority of apps.

4. With this app, you can make in-app purchases.

5. Profit from limitless coins and points.

6. Simple to Use

7. Pleasant user interface

8. Unlock every level in the game.

9. Abuses in-app purchases in games by using a variety of fixes and mods.

10. Most apps’ ads can be removed using this method as well.

11. The application is totally free.

12. 10 different languages are offered.


How to Download Freedom Apk

The only drawback to Freedom Apk is that there isn’t a legitimate app store where you can get it. As a result, you must obtain its apk file online. However, you can still download the freedom apk directly by clicking the button below.

Download Freedom Apk Here

Simply click the button up top to download the apk. Here are some details regarding the apk version.

  • App Name: Freedom
  • Version Name: 1.7.3a
  • Last Update On May 29, 2020
  • Required Android OS: 2.3+ (Ginger)
  • App Size: 9.9 MB
  • Root Required: Yes
  • App Usage: To hack in-app purchase

How to Install & use Freedom Apk

Installing the app on your phone comes next after downloading it. Although installing an app is not a tough activity, if you run into trouble, below is the process to install the app on your Android device.

1. Freedom apk free download can be installed once the phone has been rooted.

2. After the download is complete, click the apk file in the downloads folder on your device. (Depending on your device settings, the download folder on the device may change.)

3. Wait for the installation to complete (you must have permitted installation from unknown sources for the app to install) before opening it.

4. The software will ask you to grant it certain access (kingroot or superuser permissions, depending on how you rooted your Android device).

5. To provide root authority, tap Allow.

6. The main screen of the app will display all the downloaded and installed apps once you have granted permission.

7. Select the app that you wish to alter or hack so that in-app purchases or points are added.

8. Go to their store now to purchase or alter coins in the app level or coins/point section.

9. To make in-app purchases, click the buy button.

How to Correct the Google Play Store Error

Users of the Freedom apk have reported several problems with both the new and older versions on specific devices.

However, you need not worry because these are simple mistakes that you can quickly and simply remedy.

Also, try deleting the app’s cache and data from the settings menu. However, you can fix the problem with the aid of this. Follow these instructions to fix the “Play Store Not Working” problem if it’s not working.

  • To begin, configure the file system to mount R/W and then navigate from the root to system/etc.
  • Locate the host file (no extension) and modify it after making a backup of it.
  • Start the host file, then select Text Editor.
  • Two IP addresses will be assigned. Add # to the second similar IP address- # or remove everything and replace it with localhost
  • Now save and restart your android device. Process is complete.

Alternatives to Freedom App

Although Freedom apk is compatible with the majority of Android devices, it does have certain limitations because it was created by unofficial developers and hasn’t been officially released.

Therefore, you can hunt for alternatives to the app that will do the same function of hacking in-app purchases if it does not function on your device.

Alternatives to this app include:


Minimum Requirements

The majority of Android devices can run Freedom Apk, but there are still some conditions that must be met for it to function. Here is a list of prerequisites for using the app.

  • Internet access is a must
  • You need a rooted device to use this app. Freedom app download will not work on non-rooted devices. You can check the internet to know how to root any device. Lots of guides available just search on Google and you are good to go.
  • Freedom apk lollipop latest version. You can download later an old version as well from below links.
  • You must have android version 2.3 + device.
  • Your device must have downloaded from unknown sources available. (Go to your phone settings>security and enable unknown sources).
  • Ram must be more than 512 MB so you can run this app smoothly on your phone.

Some free storage to install and store data of the app on your Android device.

Limitations of Freedom App

Since an undercover team of developers created the program, crashes and mistakes are to be expected. The following list includes some of the app’s restrictions:

  • The app won’t function on a device with an Android OS version lower than 2.5. (ginger)
  • To use the app, your device must be rooted.
  • Before using the app, the device’s time zone must be set to Moscow.
  • Updates are required for Google Play.

Freedom for iOS

The most recent version of Freedom for iOS is also accessible. It is compatible with iOS 7, 8, 9, and 10. For more information and to download the iOS app, refer to the guide.

File Details:

File Name: Freedom

Size: 1.2 MB

Version: v2.5.4

Android Required: 2.1 to up

Category: Apps and tools

Price: free


The app is excellent for gamers because it eliminates in-app purchases and lets them obtain premium content for free. The program receives regular upgrades that include bug fixes and more fantastic features.

Therefore, if you enjoy gaming and are tired of the pricey in-app purchases, you need to download this program. 

Also, the finest program to date for avoiding in-app purchases in a variety of games and applications is the freedom apk. The finest money-saving app, then, is this one, we can claim.

Don’t forget to share the freedom apk with your friends and leave comments on the questions and recommendations about it.

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