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5 Best Online Games to Play Right Now

There is an ocean of games out there on the internet. As a result, different games are available exclusively for different platforms and devices. However, all games have one thing in common, and that is the joy they bring to players. Arcade games, in particular, are a popular gaming genre that all age group enjoys. However, there are an endless amount of options when it comes to arcade games. So we have narrowed down the sea of arcade games to a list of 5 games. Here are the 5 best online games that you can play right now. 

Best Online Games

1. Cooking Idol – Best Online Cooking Game

Cooking Idol – Online Game

Cooking Idol is one of the best free online games that you can play today. It is a cooking simulation that delivers a wonderful cooking experience where you can achieve points. The objective of Cooking Idol is to make delicious food and manage time. This fast cooking simulation is full of excitement, excitement and has amazing gameplay.

Choose your chefs and make them cook food that you will serve to customers. The more customers you serve, the more you will improve your kitchen skills. The catch is that you must deliver food within the given time. This free-to-play game is all about time management and cooking delicious meals. It is a must-play cooking game of 2022.

As you play the game and serve as many customers, you will earn amazing customer reviews. As a result, you will gain popularity and become a well-known cooking chef in the community. The progress of this game leads to building a restaurant empire where you will play various simulations. The simulation will mainly focus on time management and cooking. 

You will learn about many types of meals from all around the world. The interface is user-friendly and combined with easy taps. There are food challenges that will give you points and stars if you make it before the time limit. Cooking Idol is an arcade game for killing time and learning about cooking for kids.

2. Knock Balls

Knock Balls – Online Game

Knock all the blocks out of the park with knock balls. It is an incredible arcade game that is very satisfying to play. The objective of this game is that you have to demolish all the blocks using a cannon. There are plenty of levels, and with each level that you complete, you will earn rewards. However, you need to remember that as you progress, it will become harder to demolish the blocks.

You will be given time and a limited number of balls to hit the blocks. If you manage to hit all the blocks within the time period, then you will progress to the next level. To use the cannon, you have to press the area where you want to throw your cannon. However, it is not as simple as tapping and hitting. You have to calculate the trajectory of the cannon using basic physics. Hit the maximum number of blocks using the least amount of cannon, and you will achieve more points.

There is exciting content in the game that you can unlock as you play the game. After that, explore more than twenty types of cannons that you can use. In addition, you can play the game in plenty of different scenarios. 

Above all, knock Balls is a free arcade game, and you do not need an internet connection to play the game. It is available on both android and iOS.

3. Soccer Kick – Highly Rated Online Soccer Game

Soccer Kick – Online Game

One of the best online games, Soccer Kick, is a highly rated arcade online game available on APKonline. The objective of players is to hit the ball as far as they as can. It is based on arcade-style home run online games where you hit the ball by pressing on the screen. The game rewards the players with points that they can use to upgrade equipment and power. As a result, you will be able to throw or hit the ball further with upgraded power.

The game also has ads that can be annoying for some players. You can purchase the ad-free version to get rid of all the ads. However, ads are the only drawback of this game, and you can easily get rid of them by getting the ad-free version.

The game offers a rich soccer environment where you can see your stats at the top of the screen. There are many types of elements added to the game that makes you wonder about its name. Although the name of the game is Soccer Kick, there are baseballs, basketballs, and many more types of sports in this game. However, the objective is still the same; you must hit the baseball, basketball, or football as far as possible.

The gameplay of this free-to-play is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is timely set the direction of the kick by tapping on the screen. You can move and give an extra boost to the ball when it is in the air. As a result, your ball can get that little extra distance and avoid various obstacles. 

4. Snake vs. Block – One of the Best Online Games

Snake vs, Block – Online Game

A delightful and time-killing arcade game, Snake vs. Block is available for free. This game requires skills and fast hand motion to avoid blocks and collect points. The game takes place in a labyrinth where there are blocks on the way. You play as a snake made up of balls. Your objective is to progress further in the game as far as you can.

As the snake collects the points, that number of points will increase the snake size. For instance, if you collect two points, your snake will consist of two more balls. You can collect as many points as you want to increase the length of the snake. 

The blocks will have random numbers, which you need to avoid. However, there might be no other choice than to hit the blocks at times. When that happens, make sure that the block number you hit is less than the number of balls in your snake. In other words, you will lose the number of balls that are written in the blocks that you are hitting.

This online game is available for both Android and iOS. Windows and Linux users can directly play this game through our android emulator. Here at APKonline, you can click and play the game instantly.

You will understand the concept of Snake vs. Block after playing the game for a few seconds. It is an amazing arcade game that you can play at home and when you are bored.

5. Submarine Destroyer

Submarine Destroyer – Online Game

Submarine Destroyer is an online game in the arcade category. The game objective is to destroy all the submarines at each level. Once you destroy the given number of submarines before the times run out, you will progress to the next level. 

You will operate the ship at the top of the screen and destroy submarines using depth charges. The ship can deploy one depth charge at a time, and you need to wait for some seconds to load the depth charge. After that, you have to release the depth charges to hit the submarines timely. Once you touch the screen, the depth charge will explore, so timing is everything in this game.

You earn credits as you progress in the game, and you can upgrade your ship using those credits. This will help you complete difficult missions and progress further. The types of upgrades include reduction of time to load the depth charge and increased speed of the ship. Moreover, the capacity of loaded depth charge will also increase. 

You can play submarine destroyer directly through the APKonline emulator.

So Which One is the Best Online Game?

These online games are amazing in their respective fields. They cater to different types of gamers. However, everyone will enjoy playing any one of these games if they try. It is your personal preference to choose which game is the best for you. All of these games are free to play and directly available on APKonline. We hope that you find these games absolutely joyful. 

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