Online Educational Apps to Learn New Skills

5 Best Online Educational Apps to Learn New Skills

It is important to learn new skills that are relevant to your interests. It is through learning these skills that you will be able to get new opportunities. Here at ApkOnline, you have access to plenty of online educational apps. From learning a new language to finding answers to algebraic expressions, you will find a suitable app for you.

Best Online Educational Apps to Learn New Skills

These apps are free to download, or you can try it online. You can use the native emulator of ApkOnline to run these apps without downloading anything. You may need to sign-up for some apps so that the app can understand your preferred topics. Moreover, you may need to purchase a subscription for some skills that you want to learn. Regardless, they are all worth checking out. Here is our list ofthe best apps to learn new skills:

  1. Busuu 

Busuu is a language learning platform where you can speak to native speakers. Learn languages that are divided into compact lesions. On top of that, learn it from native speakers so that you can become fluent. Interested candidates can go to Busuu and learn new languages.

There are 17 languages that you can learn from Busuu at your own pace. You can learn Spanish, Japanese, French, and many more in Busuu. It is an amazing online education app for people who wants to learn at their own speed. No lesson will be too hard for your level. In addition, the lessons are intuitive, and you will enjoy learning new languages. 

There are 1 to 1 or group classes to build a stronger connection. Moreover, Busuu has professional tutors that can effectively teach. As a result, you will not learn the language but speak it. Moreover, Busuu has smart study tools that give challenges and study plans to its students. As a result, you can learn practical, and the things you learned will stay in your memory. Above all, Busuu has an intuitive platform where you can practice on the go.

Another great thing about Busuu is that it corrects you. Whether it is your pronunciation or grammar, you will see the corrections. As a result, you will be able to connect on a personal level with the app.

  1. EveryCircuit

Are you passionate about electric currents and how it flows? EveryCircuit is a circuit-building app available on ApkOnline for free. It allows users to watch the behavior of voltage and currents. Moreover, you will also see charging animations and other operations.

One-click on the play button will initiate how the current behaves. While the circuit operation is happening, you can also adjust circuit parameters. Moreover, this app also shows important SI units and other numbers. For instance, you will see Ohm, ampere, and volts. Other than that, a few laws are also available in this app. You can use these laws to design digital or analog circuits.

EveryCircuit has almost all types of circuits, making it a vast community. On top of that, there are animations for waveforms, capacitors, and flows. EveryCircuit also has an Oscilloscope and shows AC/DC properties as well. Moreover, users can quickly load up circuit schematics. 

There are plenty of components available in this app that cater to different people. As a result, you can make various types of experiments. EveryCircuit is a perfect online educational app for electric enthusiasts. If you are in this matter, then you can try it directly from ApkOnline for free. 

  1. Brainly Homework Help Solver

Since there are vast varieties of subjects that can cause endless doubts, we all need a platform to ask for solutions. Brainly Homework Help Solver is a large community platform that helps students clear their doubts. In this app, students can ask any questions related to their subjects and receive solutions from experts. Moreover, other students can also help each other with their problems.

Mostly the questions which are asked on this platform are related to math, science, and social science. With that being said, the platform covers all types of doubts from all types of subjects.

Brainly Homework help solver is a platform accessible to anyone from anywhere. The community is very active, and you will get your answers within minutes. One of the reasons why questions are answered quickly is that the moderators are dedicated. It is also a platform where students share their knowledge to help juniors.

You can expect to get questions for elementary, high school, and college levels. Moreover, Brainly covers most of the education system to avoid misunderstanding. Above all, you will not get random answers which can be not correct. School students should definitely consider this online educational app. 

  1. Coursera courses

Some of you might have already heard about this platform. Coursera is a vast subject learning platform where you have access to thousands of courses. The courses are premium and cover everything. It is best for school and university students. You can learn a lot more outside of your academics with Coursera. Moreover, it will help you understand concepts in an in-depth manner.

Coursera covers all types of subjects, including music and contemporary arts. The platform shows highly curated content so that anyone can understand. On top of that, there is video content available on Coursera. Anyone who has a subscription to this platform can avail of the online video service.

You may not have internet everywhere; as a result; Coursera has download options. You can watch them offline and without any interruptions. Above all, Coursera is a highly trusted site for many organizations. This level of recognition allows the platform to provide a real certificate to its students.

Coursera is like a university in itself. You can see the list of degree programs and select the course you want to take. After that, you can complete it to take certificates and other credentials.  On top of that, you can share your experience with the vast community of Coursera.

  1. Babbel

Babble is another language learning app on our list. It is one of the best online education apps in ApkOnline. This app teaches your language alongside how you can be confident when speaking it. Moreover, Babbel has complete features which allow users to overcome any obstacle when learning new languages.

This platform has live classes and intuitive games that help you understand languages. Babbel pushes its users to learn how to engage in a foreign language without any errors. The lessons of Babbel include 10-15 minutes of tasks. These tasks are about real-life conversations that are culturally relevant. As a result, everything you learn, you are also implementing it. This only helps users to remember things in their memory for longer periods. 

 The languages you can learn in this app are Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, and many more. Each language has plenty of interactive lessons and games. On top of that, they also have exercises for reading, writing, speaking, and listening. 

Both beginners and advanced learners can learn a lot from this app. Above all, Babbel also has a large library of vocabulary related to cultures, businesses, and travels. 


Online educational apps are nothing but a gem, helpful sources. There are many types of educational apps that cater to specific types of students. As a result, we have a list that covers all types of students. Feel free to check out the apps listed above from ApkOnline for free. 

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