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Block Drill

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Run this app named Block Drill or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

How to play Block Drill

Please choose "Learning mode" or "Game mode".

Please touch a "Start" button after finishing reading
an explanatory note.

Please touch a "Start" button, if the light^blue stage

If a number block appears, Please move to a best
position with a button.

When a block stop,two adjacent numbers are added. When
the answer of addition is 10, two blocks disappear and
are ten point acquisition.

After a number block disappears, the block which is
upwards moves downward automatically. If further 10 is
made at this time, that combination also disappear.
You not only can acquire ten points by that, but can
acquire a chain bonus point.

A number block appears at the always same place. A
game ended when number block remains here.

A score is displayed when a game finished. If you
touch the "Return" button a screen will return to an
explanatory note.

Block Drill's feature

In this game, a number block falls automatically.

Two numbers are chosen at random from the numbers of
1 to 9, and it is displaying on the block.

It is not set to 10 even if yo do two numbers
displayed on the same Brock.

It is to about 2 seconds that the direction which
Block moves is controllable, after Block's fall

If you choose "learning mode" and touch a "Stop"
button,the next block will not appear until it touches
a "move" button. A block can be moved to a best
position between them. However, Block cannot be moved

Those who should do a Block Drill

All the ages.

Please use for the rise of your calculating ability and
judgment ability.

Run or download Block Drill using our android online emulator from ApkOnline.net