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A black hole, in astrophysics, is a massive cosmic body whose gravitational field is so strong that it does not allow any material formation and radiation to escape from it.

It can also be said that a black hole is an object that is formed by the collection of a certain quantity of matter at a point in space. Since such objects do not emit light, they are described as black. Black holes are considered to be non-three-dimensional because of their "singularity" and have zero volume. It is estimated that time flows slowly or does not flow inside black holes.

Black holes are described by Einstein's general theory of relativity. Although not directly observable, they were discovered through indirect observation techniques using various wavelengths. These techniques also provided the opportunity to examine the formations drifting around them. For example, because the potential well of a black hole is too deep, materials falling on the accretion disk in its vicinity will cause the disk to reach very high temperatures, which will allow the disk (and indirectly the black hole) to be detected by emitted x-rays. Today, the existence of black holes has been confirmed by almost all members of the relevant scientific community (including astrophysicists and theoretical physicists).

It is impossible to observe a black hole directly. As it is known, in order for an object to be seen, light must come out of it or reflect the light that comes to it; however, black holes swallow even light that passes very close by. Its existence, however, is evident from its gravitational action on its surroundings, particularly in microquasars and active galaxy nuclei, because nearby matter falling on the black hole is extremely hot and strongly emits X-rays. Thus, observations reveal the existence of such objects of giant or small dimensions. The only objects covered by these observations and conforming to the general theory of relativity are black holes.

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