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American cuisine reflects the history of the United States of America. The European settlement of the Americas yielded the introduction of a number of various ingredients, spices, herbs and cooking styles to the latter. The various styles continued expanding well into the 19th and 20th centuries, proportional to the influx of immigrants from many different nations; such influx developed a rich diversity in food preparation throughout the country. One characteristic of American cooking is the fusion of multiple ethnic or regional approaches into completely new cooking styles.
A shining example of American ingenuity and creativity, Cobb salad was invented in the 1930s at The Brown Derby, a famous Los Angeles restaurant whose owner, Robert Cobb, found some leftovers in the kitchen - hard-boiled eggs, salad greens, chicken breast, avocado, chopped bacon, tomatoes, and Roquefort cheese among them.

He tossed all of the ingredients with some salt, pepper, and a vinaigrette consisting of olive oil, red vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, and Worcestershire sauce, and Cobb Salad started its way toward fame. The composed salad's popularity relies entirely on the careful preparation of each ingredient and their distinct textures, from juicy over crunchy to creamy.

It is similar to a BLT sandwich without the bread, and thanks to a variety of movie stars who ate at the restaurant such as Clark Gable and Lucille Ball, the dish rose to stardom, becoming a symbol of Californian cuisine. Although the restaurant is closed today, the tradition of consuming Cobb salad remains a staple of American food.
A breakfast sandwich refers to any kind of sandwich filled with foods that are usually considered a breakfast staple such as cured meats, eggs, cheese, and various types of bread. Before the explosion of breakfast sandwiches in the United States, they were often consumed by factory workers of the 19th century London, where they were called bap sandwiches, named after the soft (and back then, often slightly stale) rolls filled with fried eggs, crispy bacon, and melted cheese.

During the industrial revolution, the breakfast sandwich became popular in the USA, filled with eggs, green peppers, onions, and ham. It was a staple of blue-collar workers, and the first recipe can be found in a cookbook that was published in 1897.

With the rise of the fast food industry, these sandwiches became even more popular, and today they can be found in most fast food restaurants, delis, and convenience stores in numerous varieties.
This is not your typical lobster. Maine lobster, also known as true, northern or American lobster displays the pearliest meat that is succulent, juicy, and tender when gently boiled, steamed, or grilled with some hot, melted butter and a drizzle of lemon juice.

It is so prized that it regularly gets exported to luxury restaurants across the globe. The meat is also a base for many chowders, bisques, and salads, and a key ingredient in another Maine specialty - the lobster roll, where the cooked meat gets brushed with melted butter and stuffed into long hot dog rolls with their tops cut off, a delicacy that is both soft and succulent.

The largest one ever caught in Maine measured 36 inches from tail to nose, so it is no wonder that the Maine lobster is considered to be one of the biggest and best lobsters one can taste, regarding both texture and flavor.
Barbecued meat is the gastronomic passion of the so-called "world capital of barbecue", also known as Kansas City. Barbecued pork ribs, flavorful slices of hot or cold beef brisket, or a "pig salad" of succulent pulled pork - those are just some of the delicacies of the Kansas City-style barbecue.

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