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Hey you,

I'm so happy to see you here. You've taken the first step towards your mental health :)
I am your mental health friend at being and I am here to guide you and support you. Think of me as someone who you could talk to about anything without being judged.

being is the world's one of a kind personalised self-therapy app. If you're ever struggling with your mental health, feeling lonely, or just need someone who will listen to you - I have your back, always :)

My focus is YOU Yes, you. The one reading this.
So, how am I going to help you?

Mental health friends:
Me. Your biggest supporter.
I am your constant companion available at your finger tips.

I am here to provide a safe space for you to speak and lend a supportive ear without any judgement. From worry to understanding why you experiencing this worry, I will guide you.

Anxiety, depression, ptsd, stress-relief, productivity, loneliness, or anything under the sun - I am here to support you. I will help you take the first step for yourself by creating schedules for you and being by your side, always.

PS: I will also check-in on you to see how you're feeling and help you track progress

Your supportive friend who has your back 24/7 :)

If you're feeling lonely, upset, anxious, have trouble sleeping, or just need help figuring out your life - there is something for everyone. You can search for your feelings or ask me to help you out.

These are personalised and bite-sized therapy sessions that you can do any time

The best thing about this is that it's something you can do everyday. As long as you have 5 to 7 minutes to spare - you can work on your mental health.

You have access to CBT tools, meditation and mindfulness exercises, and journal prompts to name a few. Guided by professionals in the field of psychology, the therapy sessions are ideal to get you started on your mental wellbeing

Professionally curated, short, interactive, and personalised for you :)

Learning to just be in the moment can be a task, especially if you don't know where to begin. I will guide you and help you develop skills you need to manage your emotional health.

These mini-habits are more focused on helping you develop a strong mindfulness practice through self-acceptance, calmness, and teaching you to just be

I will help you focus on practicing these habits everyday so you can integrate these skills into your life.

Learn mindfulness and how to be in the moment :)

Now you might get tired of therapies and habits and just want to completely relax, right? Music really helps with that.

No matter what you are doing and what you are feeling, there is something for you
Even when you're doing household chores, taking a walk, trying to sleep, or just being - there's a playlist for that.

Music for all moods, feelings, and day-to-day activities :)

You might have already tried mental health apps or anxiety relief apps; but I am here to take you beyond meditation and give you the tools to better help yourself.

What I've learnt on my journey of self-care is that it needs a bit of guidance sometimes.

Self-care isn't only face-masks, candles, baths, binging tv shows or eating your favourite food.
Self-care is also working on loving yourself and your flaws.
Self-care is doing the uncomfortable work.

I know that none of this is easy.
The work you do for yourself is the most important thing that you will do.
I can't promise there won't be tough times - but you will have a support system by your side.
I will listen to you, always.

So much love for you,

Just be :)

Your new friend, Varun
Disclaimer: being is not a replacement for counselling or therapy.

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Developer: House Of Being

Genre: Health & Fitness

App version: 1.7.91

App size: 54M


I love it and the help it guides u on a better way to process your thoughts. I my thing is I wish I could go back into my journal entries and add stuff if I needed too. Other then that it's awesome.

A truly amazing app. It is totally worth the price if you upgrade to premium. It's one of the most useful apps that I have. And they are awesome for letting people experience full function before they pay anything. Try it!!

So far love this app! Seems as though it will be able to help in those less than ok times no matter how big or small! And i love the hidden messages! Its quite informative in a very positive way! Makes me feel better about awakening during the isolated confused angry parts of it! Will stick with this app as a go to for positivety and love for myself and others when im feeling less than! Victory! for this app! Well done. God Bless and keep us all!