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Most homeowners will like to freshen up the interior design of their bedrooms a few times each year and the best way of doing this is through investing in new bed linen. Bedding sets are extremely affordable and will completely rejuvenate the look and feel of any bedroom. Choosing bed linen with the intention of refreshing and rejuvenating a room is something that should be done after taking a look at a few interior design magazines or websites to see which types and colours of bedding are popular at present. There really is so much choice when it comes to bed sheets, it is pretty straightforward to find a form of bed linen which will be efficient at bringing your bedroom to life and out of the doldrums. In the winter months, many consumers tend to opt for slightly brighter and more striking bed sheets to counteract the coldness and long dark nights.

The right bed sheets can really add to a good nights sleep. Plus, you want bed linens that wash well, and last a long time. So, what is the most important element to consider when you go to buy a new set of bed linens? "Sheets" that will provide you with your own personal comfort preference, and ultimately a good nights sleep. The number one thing to consider when you choose bed linens is, fabric. Please keep in mind, all fabrics are not created equal, when it comes to fabrics used to produce bed linens. There are many fabrics being used today to create bed linens, and I hope this article will serve to introduce you to a few fabrics that will serve you well. The right bed linens can make all the difference in a good night. There are many different fabrics that bed linens are made of:
- Cotton jersey sheets are for those who like warmth. They do not possess the coolness of plain cotton. They are very soft, and as a rule wear well.
- Linen is made from the flax seed. These sheets are expensive, but are very strong, absorbent, and dry quickly. They breathe and will provide coolness to the skin. Keep in mind, they are not as soft as your plain cotton sheets, but do soften up after many washes. Linen is a great choice for warm climates and for durability.
- Silk sheets are made from the cultivated silk fiber from silkworms. These sheets are perhaps the lightest, softest fabric bed sheets are made of. Silk is naturally soft and lightweight, along with being very absorbent.
- Synthetic fiber polyester is a man-made fabric produced from substances such as coal, water or petroleum. This fabric is very wrinkle resistant and does not pill. As a rule, polyester sheets are durable and will last for years.
- Cotton polyester blends are not as durable as cotton, and don't breathe as well as cotton. They are lightweight, and are warm to sleep on. As a rule, they pill with washing. This gives a sandy feel to the hand, and naturally a poor night's sleep.
- Percale is a type of weaving where the cotton fibers are wrapped around the polyester fibers. Percale sheets feel like cotton, when the thread count is 180 or higher per square inch. They provide a feeling of cool to the touch and are soft. They are a fair alternative to cotton sheets, but will not last as long. Repeated washing denatures the cotton fiber, and the sheets become thin, and eventually uncomfortable.
- Finally, we've come to the ultimate fabric in bed linens; Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is the strongest cotton in the world. As its name implies, it is grown in Egypt in the Nile valley region. If kept in one ply long staple strands, it is the highest quality fabric which can be used in the production of bed sheets.

The bed linen would look vigorous and brisk if designed in blue and white stripes. Lamps could be in a clear metal with white shades. Pictures of boat themes, either modern photography of streamlined yachts, or geometrical interpretations of boats, would be ideal for creating the joy and vigor associated with sailing and the ocean.




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