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Be-Contact does NOT REQUIRE Be-M2M email Subscription.
Instead you possibly may use a new dedicated email account created on:
- Your own email server
- Public email server
Note: Some are not compatible or might throttle emails by its provider causing loss or delays in data exchange.
Be-Contact and Be-Maps on your devices are connected together only via one single email. These apps increase location and safety awareness of your close ones. Our solution tries to minimise the stress and the worrying factor, i.e. where is my mummy or daddy picking me up from school.
Be-Contact Features
- Find my kids and loved ones proactive monitoring
- Trigger Alert: press-5-times-power-button, notification, app menu, remotely from Be-Maps
- Communicate Alerts to Be-Maps (latest location + notification + surrounding recording + pictures)
- Share location awareness, monitor GeoShapes, monitor connected devices and safety
- Send private multimedia messages within your Group
- Agent for: GPS Tracker, Location Tracker, Find Family, Locate Phone
- Agent for: voice/call recordings, surround recording, multimedia recordings
- Remotely monitor your: kids, hotel room, car
- Take own multimedia notes, record your meetings or calls
- Set own PERMISSIONS to allow types of data from your phone
Be-Maps Features
- Find my kids and loved ones on a map
- Show on Map events history from Be-Contact devices connected to your group
- View data, monitor and manage alerts
- Configure GeoShapes to monitor Place, Zone or Path
- Set dynamic proximity monitoring
- Communicate alerts and GeoShape notifications (on: speaker, notification, map)
- Notify you when your close ones are nearby, too far, on/not-on GeoShapes (school, work, road to home, )
- Set RULES to manage who can see/get which data
To use Be-Maps you need at least one Be-Contact connected to your group's email.
Multimedia Messages
Use Be-Contact text messages with attached voice message or video message to be in touch with your close ones. Notification messages from Be-Maps are played loud on Be-Contact.
Location Awareness
Be-Contact communicates with Be-Maps. View on map who is where. Define Places, Paths and Zones or dynamic Proximity and be notified if people you care about are:
- On the way from work or school
- In the shop, not at school
- Too close to a dangerous zone, not at home
- Close by / too far from your phone
This is for your group's safety and to minimise the worrying momentum of people who care about each-other i.e. when somebody is late.
Alerts and Safety Monitoring
Alert Be-Maps users via Be-Contact app.
In Alert mode Be-Contact phone will alert/notify Be-Maps phones.
Based on settings the alert data might be saved in email, Be-Contact Notes and sent to Be-Maps (restricted by configured Rules).
Voice Notes
Be-Contact notes are to keep track of all your information (record calls, meetings, your thoughts). Notes can be triggered by:
- notification
- calls
- phone open
- app menu
Data Security and Safety
- Your devices with Be-Contact and Be-Maps use only one/new dedicated M2M email to transfer your data
- All data is stored ONLY on your devices within your own setup
- Your data is not transferred to us nor processed by us
- Our apps use SSL/TLS connection, and data is additionally encrypted
- Be-Contact Permissions and Be-Maps Rules restrict data distribution between your devices
Important to note
- M2M communication requires high data transfers, please use unlimited data plans and commercial email
- Due to divergence not supported are: yahoo, aol, gmail,
- To communicate between devices you need at least two Be-Contact installations
- To monitor alerts from devices you need to have Be-Maps installed
- It is optimal to install Be-Maps and Be-Contact on each device
See our YouTube BeAtContact videos or manual to configure applications.

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Developer: BeAtContact

Genre: Communication

App version: Be-Contact

App size: 4.0M

Recent changes: Be-Contact (Build 42) 21 days free trial version


My kids like to use Alerts so I pick them up early from school :) good location tracker, family safety = less stress.

Good for parents, not expensive!'