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Battle Balls is a turn-based, single-player game, where you control a ball by swiping your finger in the direction you want the ball to move. The longer the swipe, the stronger the force that propels the ball. The aim of the game is to smash your ball into your opponent's ball as hard as possible to deal as much damage as possible all the while ensuring they don't get to you first.

There are PickUps dotted around the Arena that increase HP, armour, the strength of your armour and power/cap. Every time you propel your ball, you consume power that has to regenerate. Propelling your ball at 100% power, uses 100% power/cap so you'll have to manage your power so you have enough to smash into your opponent when they come into view.

Damage inflicted is determined by the force of the impact between balls and the amount of armour and the strength of armour of the ball that was impacted.

You earn Credits and XP during battles. Credits can be used to purchase new Arenas and Skins for your ball as well as components that can be added to your ball before Battle (maximum of 4). These can affect HP, armour, the strength of your armour, power and the weight of your ball. Components have positive and negative attributes. The negatives mostly affect weight and power consumption.

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