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Run this app named Basbes - Eye contact dating app or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

You may began to lose faith and believe that fate has abandoned you, but in fact, you meet your soulmate every day and decide to do nothing about it.

Our mission is to give you the power to communicate with the potential lover next to you. We do not claim that we can find the perfect match for you; we just give you a tool to make the most of what you already have.

You don't need a dating app that claims to know more than you, or chooses the best fit for you. All you need is just a way to enhance your reality and have a chance to make the most of crushes you meet every day.

You can think of Basbes as a ring for bachelors that the world is missing, a ring that tells you that the person sitting in front of you is not in a relationship, is actively looking for a partner, and may accept talking to strangers.

Basbes gives you the opportunity to create a conversation with the nearby person you feel attracted to without feeling guilty for violating his\\her privacy or disturbing him\\her. The fact that he\\she is having the application on his\\her phone means that he\\she is also looking for a partner, moreover the messages you send remains covered until he\\she scratches it, which is an effort could not be done by someone who does not share you the same feeling.

These covered messages ensure that the recipient is not disturbed even though the application allows starting one-sided conversations unlike most dating applications. The reason is that Basbes does not try to create a fantasy world for you but only enhances it, because we believe that your life is the best dating app, so someone has to risk revealing his or her feelings, this risk is the weapon of the other person to eliminates cowards, clowns and non-serious. Although the recipients needs nets for fishing, the net openings should be wide enough to miss small fish that is not suitable for them.

How does it work?

- Once you see someone you have a crush on, search for him/her for maximum 10 minutes.

- If you can't find your crush in search results, he/she either don't have Basbes at all, visibility is turned off, or you need to be closer (only 12 meter range, no walls in between).

- Once you find someone, you can start chatting immediately, send a like, see his/her social profiles if they are public, or send a reveal request if they are private.

- Messages you receive from strangers are covered so you are not bothered by unwanted messages, you must scratch every single message letter by letter to read it.

- You can deactivate your visibility any time you want, so no one can discover you.

- No need to worry about your privacy, Basbes know nothing about your location.

- Basbes doesnt use GPS to detect your location.

- Neither Bluetooth nor Wi-Fi is used to detect proximity.


- Finding nearby potential lovers in front of you (must be in the same room within 12 meter Max).

- Once your device discovers the person you desire, you can send him\\her a message.

- Sending likes to nearby users to let them know that they got your attention.

- Messages from strangers are covered by default; you have to scratch the message to read it.

- You can choose to be Discoverable by others or not whenever you want.

- Once you discovers someone, you can also know his\\her social profiles or phone number if he\\she decided to make their contacts public.

- If the person you found has private contacts, you can send a request to see them.

- Chatting with strangers is active for a period determined by the recipient.

Run or download Basbes - Eye contact dating app using our android online emulator from ApkOnline.net


Developer: CowLess Inc

Genre: Dating

App version: 0.1.7

App size: 5.0M

Recent changes: Allow the camera to capture images in Android 11.
Fix serching for nearby users in Android 11.
Fix app crash when rotating the device in the reveal reques dialog.
Displaying alert text to notify the user about the maximum search radius.


Very good app despite not finding anyone nearby,Really Wished more people could use it ...You have to make it more popular somehow

Signed up 9hr ago, crossed paths with a hell of a lot of people. Just my luck also crossed paths with 2 of my ex-girlfriends. Overall enjoying the app and the whole concept of how it works.

Living in a big city, distance is a big problem & this app is a great way to see people who are in front of you. My favorite dating app ever!

Wish more people would use, I think this is a great way to make friends and learn and meet the people who I pass/ stay next to me every day.

your concept is very good but in urban area like village or some state we can't use because it is not popular so why don't you advartisi you app in television so i request you for make ads in tv for more people to what the app about thank you"