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Ava uses captions to live transcribe voice to text to provide accessibility for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing (HoH). Avas speech-to-text app provides 24/7 real-time audio transcription with about 5 errors in 100 words based on AI, and the highest possible accuracy with Ava Scribe at about 1 error in 100 words.

Use Ava to transcribe or live caption voice to text for classrooms, business meetings, doctors appointments, shopping, events, and more. Avas speech-to-text app makes transcribing any live communication easy for friends, family, and organizations to be inclusive, accessible and ADA compliant!

How Ava live captions work:
Download Ava on your phone to instantly transcribe voice to text from up to a meter away. Teach Ava to improve and learn your vocabulary as it transcribes voice to text by tapping on words to correct them or adding your own custom vocabulary.
To use voice to text in group conversations, invite users to download the Ava app with a QR code or link so they can connect with you instantly. Ava shows a real-time color-coded transcript of who says what.
Need accessibility for people who are HoH or Deaf in more complex situations? Use the Discover menu to learn how to set up Ava to live transcribe voice to text in any situation!

Why Ava is the best speech to text app:
Ava uses your smartphones mic to transcribe voice to text so you have live captions, in your pocket its always available, anytime, anywhere.
Communicating with hearing people is faster than ever with Avas text-to-speech technology! Simply type what you want to say, and have Ava read out loud for you
Never miss out on podcasts, live videos, live conversations, and more with Avas dictation!
Use Ava in the workplace or in the classroom to live transcribe voice to text for voice memos, conference calls, lectures, business meetings, and more!
Use this Ava mobile app along with Ava CC, our companion computer app. Its perfect for online meetings or hybrid classes using any videoconferencing service including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

Questions? Suggestions? Speak to our trusty customer support team through email at!

Ava Free plan (for occasional users):
Live caption any conversation with unlimited basic captions per month and up to 40-minute-long sessions.
No limits on group size or number of devices connected, when you join a session on Ava, live captions are unlimited!
Save transcriptions to remember your conversations.
Text to speech: Simply type and Ava will read out loud for you.

Ava Community plan (for power users):
Live caption any conversation with 3 hours of premium captions for $9.99 per month paid annually or $14.99 per month paid monthly and up to 40-minute-long sessions. Buy additional hours for $4.99 per hour.
With Premium captions, expect about 5 errors in 100 words.
Invite friends for even more free live caption hours!
Live transcribe and translate conversations in 16 languages.

Ava professional plans for Organizations the workplace, schools and events:
Want to create an accessible workplace or school environment that is ADA compliant? Avas advocacy team is here to help setup accessibility at work, school, events, or places of worship with the Ava for organizations plans.
Infinite premium live caption time and conversations up to 2 hours (Ava Pro) or 8 hours (Ava Enterprise).
Unlimited high quality live captions with accuracy of about 5 errors in 100 words. For key conversations, use Scribe to get the highest possible accuracy with about 1 error in 100 words.
Live caption and translate up to 16 languages.
No time limits for premium captions.
Customized vocabulary for your organization.
Caption on your computer with Ava CC or any browser with Ava Web.
Contact our sales team via our website at or email through

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Developer: Ava Accessibility

Genre: Communication

App version: 2.4.17

App size: 20M

Recent changes: • With this release, you can share your QR code and join any conversation quicker than ever before!
• Plus, we fixed several bugs and enhanced overall app performance so you can enjoy a better captioning experience!

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We have been using this app for several years now on several Android phones as a solution for our deaf mother. It works quickly and picks up well in noisy places but not all that accurately but well enough to where she can figure out what's going on. The reason for 1 star is it constantly crashes . Even with a paid subscription it stops working and stops captioning. It tells us to not use the mic which is the whole point of using it. We have to close it and restart it. We have reinstalled too.

I guess it really should be 4.5 stars because it still has some technical glishes. However, it's a great program. I went to get some personal business and used AVA to communicate, even the person I was dealing with was impressed when I used it without another user connected. He then down loaded it and connected to my phone. He was really impressed. A very cool product for those of us who are DEAF.

This was a lifesaving app until a few weeks ago when it suddenly quit working at all on my husband's phone (Motorola Droid mini) and he's the deaf guy! Also, it won't let go of the microphone after I'm done with the app (Samsung Galaxy Note 4). Was working perfectly until mid-Sept on my phone and until 2 weeks ago on my husband's. Brute that we were telling everyone how spectacular it was. Extremely disappointed at the moment.

Great app for us latened deaf. well worth the $30 pro monthly fee. Good costumer service. I like that Ava provides a professional app. In a bind with no wifi or data it can still be used (with less accuracy), which live trascribe cannot do. Great and easy group conversations set-up, which live transcibe lacks. However, I do prefer live transcribe for most day-to-day activities. App needs a little work in my opinion.....better interface and faster/more accuracy when translating. Thank you Ava!

Personally, I've really enjoyed this app! It is a helpful tool to communicate with no matter if you're hearing or deaf. Support is also very helpful and friendly and deserve a 5-star rating from me! ( I should also mention that I'm not a constant user of the app and am unaware of any problems that might have been occuring with the app)"