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Automend Pro OBD 2 Car Scanner

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The Automend Pro OBD 2 app takes the guesswork out of car maintenance. By simply starting your car, Automend Pro can diagnose exactly what may be wrong with your car instantly and clearly.

A car scanner, car tracker, and advanced car diagnostic tool rolled into one, the Automend Pro OBD 2 provides reliably accurate information about your cars health and which repairs are actually needed. Its the onboard diagnostic tool youve been searching for.

Car Diagnostics in a Snap

Perfect for both car enthusiasts and those with less car experience, Automend Pro OBD2 concisely reveals the details of any type of car trouble through its OBD2 trouble codes. In clear language, the OBD2 reader whats wrong or not with your car, SUV, truck, and more.

In just seconds, the app works with the OBDii car diagnostic scanner to identify and explain a wide range of repairs and maintenance needs, saving you thousands that come with unnecessary repairs or saving you a trip to the mechanic.

The OBD2 app breaks down the severity of each issue, pinpointing the exact repairs needed, and also lets you know the potential impact of ignoring the problem. Its also highly adaptable, working well with all diesel, hybrid, and gas cars built from 1996 onward.

Time is of the essence when it comes to needed car repairs. With the Automend Pro OB2, you can get updates in real-time about your cars condition, taking the mystery out of mechanical problems and helping you get on your way quickly, safely, and easily.

Speak the Mechanic Language

Many drivers can, unfortunately, be taken advantage of when it comes to car repairs. Mechanics can bank on you not knowing what needs to be done and what isn't needed, as well as not knowing the real long-term cost of certain repairs.

With the Automend Pro OBD 2 car scanner, you will know exactly what the problem is before you head to the mechanic. You will also be able to speak with them about what you need using the exact diagnostic trouble codes, or DTCs, the Automend Pro details for you during malfunctions.

Both common and advanced car mechanical terms are explained plainly, making even the most complex terms easy to understand and explain to others.

Over time youll become knowledgeable about not just your cars features and health, but about car repairs in general. This also helps you better plan for regular maintenance and budget for the repairs your vehicle truly requires to keep it running smoothly for years to come.

Automend Pro OBD2 Car Scanner Features

- The OBD2 reader functions as a vital database for your vehicle, organizing the history of every issue and revealing a timeline of your cars health. Its a car diagnostic dream.
- Automend Pro OBD 2 makes maintaining your car easy, with reports on emissions and fuel efficiency.
- Its lightning-fast, IDing and outlining any problem in mere seconds.
- That stressful check engine light? The OBD2 car scanner can reset it.
- Automend Pro OBD 2 can work with multiple vehicles, keeping both you and your loved ones safe on the road.
- A slew of premium features comes with the Automend Pro OBD 2, including car parking and expenses, as well as a pre-check of emissions.
- An intuitive, user-friendly sign-in process, with advanced password security, password suggestions, and the ability to copy and paste information quickly and directly from the Automend Pro OBD 2 app.

Meta Description

Tired of being clueless about the repairs your car truly needs? You can save time and money quickly through the Automend Pro app.


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