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Audio Visualizer Music Player

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Run this app named Audio Visualizer Music Player or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Want to play music with music player visualizer effects?
Love the music wave effect & want to design visual music with your songs?
Or you simply want a quality visualizer music player?

Then try Selenium Music Player, a different, unique, and powerful music player with audioDSP effects. Features a secondary unique interactiveturntable,music visualizer,audio cutterand more!

Selenium music player uses a low-level OpenSL or AAudio audio engine for the best audio experience on Android.

Selenium Music Player is a power mp3 music player & audio visualizer
Sleek and intuitive UI with powerful music player and equalizer features.

Powerful audio effects
Optimize the audio output on our music player equalizer and reproducer app with 14 types of audio effects including 31-band equalizer, reverb, echo etc.

Besides a powerful bands equalizer, our music visualizer also features a unique turntable to act as a DJ

17 OpenGL music visualizers for music visualization!

Available audio effects
Play mp3 music using the 11 bands equalizer with 10 presets
Powerful 31 bands drawing equalizer with smooth, attenuate, enhance, and shifting curve operations
preamp, balance, bass, mid, treble
autowah with 3 presets
echo with 4 presets
chorus with 8 presets
phaser with 8 presets
Fade music audio effects have a priority that can be sorted over the other effects to control audio output.
All the audio parameter effects can be saved as custom presets.

Audio cutter
Looking for a mp3 music player with a song cutter? Try our audacious music player for android:
Visualize audio wave
Select the range you wish
Fine-tune audio selection position with the help of the turntable
Loop selection
Zoom in and zoom out
Save selection with MP3, OGG or WAV format
Set selection as ringtone
Set selection as notification sound

Key Features:
Music player visualizer with sine, mirror, 11-241 bands etc. including 10 band equalizer
Multi songsTAGs editor within the audio player with equalizer
Easily change or add cover art by browsing DiscoGS
List music by artists, albums, titles, playlists, and folders
Browse audio files with a handyFolders Browser
Sort by artists, albums, titles, and recently added, ascending or descending
Powerfulmusic searchin titles, artists, albums
Sharesingle and multiple music files or the entire album, artist, playlist, folder
Music formats MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, M4A, etc supported
Turntablefeature with DJ audio scratch and reverse playback
Automatic playlist fix
4 music loops: loop Now Playing list, loop song, stop when list ends, stop when the song ends
Shufflemusicwithout repeatingalready played songs until all are listened
The music visualizer can be disabled or enlarged to fit the entire display
Smartsleep timer(clock and countdown) with volume fade out
Fadeplay/pause audio with user-defined fade-out ms
Crossfadebetween audio songs with user-defined crossfade ms
Skip audio starting silence
Reorderable Now Playing queue
Easily add songs, arrange and store new playlists
Manage playlists including: create, update and delete playlists.
External Bluetooth media controllers likewearable supported
Portrait and landscape modes
5 themes
Music player pauses when the headphones are unplugged
Headphone button player control to choose:
> press to pause/resume
> double press to play next
> triple press to play previous

Now its time to try the best quality music player to design visual music and enjoy every song as you want!

Download the Selenium Music Player Visualizer Equalizer & Audio Cutter for FREE!

Selenium music player is anoffline audio playerapp to listen to music without wifi. It doesn't support online music download or streaming (for now).

Run or download Audio Visualizer Music Player using our android online emulator from ApkOnline.net


Developer: Marco Bavagnoli

Genre: Music & Audio

App version: 4.0.8

App size: 38M

Recent changes: * fixed loading cover arts when entering in TAGs editor
* fixes for Android 12


70MB beastly app has a reasonable folder browser, but lack essential playback features (such as jumping within a song by holding down scan button). "USER DATA" and "CACHE" grows and grows. Very slow to startup and its UI is more fancy than usefull, low information density. BACKGROUND DATA to report its findings/spy? Music Player apps are highly competitive, and this one is not a keeper. Not the worst, but certainly not one of the best. Too much billshut in this app... uninstalling ... billshut

My go too app for maximum sound and sound editing capabilities. Superb! Thanks dev. Best music player here!

Things were fixed during the last update but now all the wac aoc, wav, pcm, flac, long story short it sucks now since the update. So many glitches. For one, the pitch control doesnt show ar times and u have to force stop it. 2, your song leaves the all music section if you add a song to a playlist. It aeriously sucks badly now dude. Terrible. But i have faith in you to make it right. Thank you

OMG! The Selenium player pair up with my Crusher ANC. are amazing. This is the best audio player for me so far . Thanks !

`1. No Scrolling Bar. I have 3,447 music; Imagine the frustration scrolling to a music that starts with "S

"T" etc. 2. No "Play & Stop" button after song ends. 3. Attempting to utilize all 16-EQ-bands results in "sound thumping" or stuttering. 4. No option to stop play-animation - especially if attempting to prolong battery life, or, if I just don't like play/disk-animation. 5. Poor aesthetic design. What is with the uneven Play-UI design? 6. Some song titles are not fully displayed.`