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The Protons have gone rogue! It's time to pick up your Electron-based weaponry and neutralize the threat to the sub-atomic universe! Dodge wave after wave of enemies, firing dozens of electrons per second while collecting Quarks and acquiring powerful, new weapons! Can you survive all 30 waves and restore balance to the sub-atomic universe?

-Over 10,000 possible weapon types, randomly generated from 3 Archetypes, 4 Trajectories, and 11 Attributes!
-Randomly generated levels with 7 enemy types!
-10 Classes to unlock, such as the Positron, Tetraquark, and Photon, each with a unique play-style!
-60 Achievements to unlock!
-Encounter Special levels such as Tank Mode or Ninja Mobs!
-Create a kaleidoscope of bullets as you fire up to 240 bullets per second!
-Compete with friends for a highscore, or see how far you can get in endless mode!

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Developer: TopCog

Genre: Arcade

App version: 1.1.4

App size: 15M

Recent changes: v1.1.4
-Leaderboards are here!
-The tutorial is fixed! Yahoo!
-A bug is fixed which caused the game to crash after finishing a level!
-Please send any feedback to!

-Fixed a rare bug causing the game to crash after ending a level!
-A big thank you to users who send in crash-reports - they really helps us improve the game! :-D

-Lowered the cost of most classes!
-Revised the Quark shop!

-Fixed a bug erroneously giving players various achievements. Oops!


Another game that does the bare minimum. I'm so tired of this endless wave of mediocre games. Beginner devs should keep their pet projects off of stores.... Ugh.

A very basic shooter looter for mobile. At first the controls seem annoying, but the weapons you get can help you with that. But the only thing that's really bad is the lack of a pause feature. Any inactivity from the game immediately sends you to the menu screen.

Was looking for a game like this on mobile. This is the best game i found so far. I hope you add more, because this game has potential. I hope you listen to people's suggestions! I also would like to see this game to update please.

At first I didn't think much of it, but after hours of playing Atomica Shooter I've found myself addicted. This game is simplistic in its graphics and mechanics, but you'll find it does a pretty good job of variation in plays. Each gun is unique and as you progress the classes add new challenges all leading up to that highest scoring run! Thank you devs this game is great.

This game rocks you made my day! Also i have a suggestion is a new class that is fire rate 1.50 dps 0.80 and your more interactive then triniti interactive. Thanks for your kind reply