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AS Typing Practice

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Download this app named AS Typing Practice.

This app allows you to practice typing into your Android tablet or phone.

It stores your best times, so that you can monitor your progress and see improvements in your accuracy and speed.

Also, you can use this app to quickly test the on-screen keyboard, or physical keyboard, on any Android device.

The sentence has all of the letters in the English alphabet. When you concentrate on entering it in accurately, you are training yourself to become better at typing on the device.

This app can also be used to detect the device's responsiveness.

Are you trying out a new Android tablet or smartphone? Are you curious how well you would be able to use the keyboard?
Here's your chance to compare the new one in the store to your existing one.
Install this free app, key in the sentence a few times on your existing device. This gives you a baseline to measure against.
Then, when you are out shopping around, you can try an Android tablet or phone, quickly install this app, and test it in the store.
See how your best time with the new device compares with your best time on your own device.

Test another Android device with this app to see how you like it. This app is tiny. It downloads and installs very quickly. It's very easy to use.


Thank you for the feedback. Some have reported that the timer has trouble starting. This has now been fixed and tested on many different Android tablets and phones. It should run perfectly on all versions of Android, on any device.

Try to achieve 10 seconds on your Android tablet or phone :)

Have fun!

Did you find the easter egg yet? Happy Easter everyone!



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