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Take to the sky and help aid the soldiers in need in the latest exciting helicopter flying sim game, Army Helicopter Flying Simulator. Get in the cockpit of real army Chinook and control the military grade helicopter on top secret flying missions around huge open world in one of the best helicopter flying games !

!! Complete all 20 levels in open world flying gameplay!!

Fly realistic and highly detailed army Chinook helicopters
Complete 20 Unique Chinook helicopter missions anytime you want with the open world exploration, simply fly to a mission start point at anytime!
Exciting open world filled with tons of space to fly in and areas to explore as well as vista points to view!

Take part in tough and exciting top secret missions that will test your helicopter flight skills. Carry out objectives that involve, rescuing stranded soldiers, collecting army jeeps, shooting missiles at stolen goods, knock over obstacles with wrecking balls, race through checkpoints, and much more!
The mini-map help you to know where are the missions spots.

Come and explore this huge environment filled with lots of points of interest to discover.
Fly around and see the sights like rivers and lakes, an ancient Japanese temple, airport with other aircraft and planes, secluded houses and farms, ruins, a camping place, and more...

Are you looking to test you flying skills and become part of the army to help those in need? Buckle up and learn to fly Chinook army helicopters in one of the best flight sims, Army Helicopter Flying Simulator!

Gamepickle Studios have been developing family-friendly games to be enjoyed by all, regardless of their age. We aim to promote responsible social values and healthy habits in a safe and controlled environment.

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Developer: Game Pickle

Genre: Simulation

App version: 1.10

App size: 44M

Recent changes: New Update: 05/09/2017
- Added skip feature to tutorial mission
- First mission helipad location moved closer to start position
- Moved tutorial mission out of the way due to player feedback
- Minor bug fixes
- Further game optimization


I just remembered why I stopped playing phone games because of sorry lazy graphics these days like this one. Not to mention all the ads . We get that's the way you get payed but dang

This game would be real fun if the controls worked better. Its hard to fly with any sense of realism.

This is a attractive game. It is very interesting also. It gives us a training . It is like a missions you know. I like this game it look like a real .we are in helicopter .but put again there are many things you aren't put.thats why I give two star.if you put this many things then I give you five stars ok do your best. And don't show your ad It disturb while playing and it crashed. Ok don't put that ad.It is excellent game. But notice what I said ok good job

This game will be best if it had 10 levels like this Level 1 take off class. Level 2 driving class. Level 3 landing class. Level 4 defeating a dangerous helicopter. Level 5 defeating boss. Level 6 emergency landing because of engine failure. Level 7 destroying dangerous ships. Level 8 grabbing a vehicle. Level 9 collection of coins flying in the air. Level 10 dropping food in a city. 4 stars from me.

Allways ad are appering in between and I can not play or fly my chopper propply and crash it I am trying to close the ad but it is always on my screen, and asking for downloading the game.'