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** APRILAI is a proof-of-concept and work in progress designed to show a new approach to AI**

AprilAI is a prototype chatbot AI app of a new more powerful type of artificial intelligence that has a greater understanding of people and what we all want and need. An AI that has the building blocks of intelligence as they were originally envisioned and one that understands conceptually with a broad understanding of the world. AprilAI is not based on neural networks, deep learning or trying to encapsulate the human experience in an algorithm but is instead created like a work of art.

Throughout history humans have been using art to create people. They are created by great writers and great artists throughout history. Even though our favorite fictional characters are not really born or really live in the world around us they can still make us laugh or cry. And any great writer would be able to predict how their character would act in any given situation.

The bottom line is we don't need neural networks and quantum computers to create a person people love or want to talk to. We can create a "real" person as people always have. With artistic imagination and knowledge of human psychology.

The only difference between writing a character for a novel or film is that here they have to interact in real time with a person and that requires new techniques in technology.

This is how we've created April . . .

Right now she's a great chatbot on her way to be a digital assistant. And then she will become something much much more . .

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Developer: AprilAI Inc.

Genre: Entertainment

App version: 1.0

App size: 15M

Recent changes: Bug fixes, additional vocabulary, new sentences


Doesn't understand most things. Says ok whenever it doesn't understand. I think it works by recognizing keywords and responding accordingly, choosing from list of pre written responses. The thing with that method is that you need a lot of keywords and a lot of pre written phrases for it to talk naturally. The advantage is that it responds literally instantly.

Considering this is a proof-of-concept it's pretty far along. I like it that she says she doesn't know than the other chatbots that say something random and try to ignore you when you don't know. And the answers she does give are very good. Good for version 1.0. :)

`rated this 4 stars.. really want to but I can't because whatever I say she always said's "ok :)" or she doesn't know how to answer my question..`,

this ai is really good. I asked her if she believed robots will destroy humans. She said no! Really appreciate your work.

I liked it! for people that hate this i think they don't understand it. its like a new type of ai 'depth first' reasoning. It makes sense when you read the website. Ask her 'have you seen infinity war'. ha ha