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Free android online goo.gl URL Shortener (Unofficial)
Web online goo.gl URL Shortener (Unofficial)

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Be able to use short url is something fundamental in order to share url links. Nobody wants to exchange very big web url links. This app helps you to use short urls.






goo.gl URL Shortener is an app ion the management of goo.gl, the Google URL shortener. It allows to create short google urls, track their history and review the proper analytics about them. It is a very common service extended and used by a lot of services in the Internet.

Its features that we would like to highlight are:

- It is based on goo.gl.

- It provides history about accesses.

- It provides analytics with charts about the type of browser that has used it.

- It support QR codes.

- It includes copy & paste functionality for an easy creation of URLs.

Our score for this app is 5. It is fine enough to be in our repository.

Note that you can run this app from our ApkOnline platform, but you can also download it from the Google Play Store where you can find further intructions to run it.