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Amaze File Manager is an android app to manage all your files inside your android devices, both phones and tablets.  It is easy to use, and it provides the most common functionalities that are needed over the folders and files: copy, paste, rename, ... 






Amaze File Manager is a very famous Android file manager with a complete bundle of functionalities in order to manage files and folders. It is very ligth and only needs a small amount of disk space, while allowing to explore files, discover them and search for them.

- Basic operations like cut, duplicate, remove ...

- Work on numerous tabs at same time

- Multiple subjects with cool symbols

- Navigation - fast route

- App Manager to open or specifically uninstall any application

- Quickly get to history, get to bookmarks.


In our app review, the most important features we have liked more are:

- Navigation tree option for a quick navigation

- Very good design oriented to have a good user experience.

- The most frequent functionalities are supported: cut, copy, rename, move, delete, compress, extract etc.

- Be able to use multiple tabs from the same window.

- History and bookmarks for files

- Open Source

Our score for this application is 8.

Note that you can run this app from our ApkOnline platform, but you can also download it from the Google Play Store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amaze.filemanager, where you can find further intructions to run it.