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Hornet is an application that consists of a social network for gays, bisexuals, and people who want to connect with others of the same sex.






It is an application to find people who want to have an appointment. 

It is a social network with numerous members, millions of users, who connect to find people with the same interests with whom to have an appointment, make friends or simply find people in a new city. 

Users can create profiles in the social network and fill them out to highlight their peculiarities.  

The most important features of this application are:

- It is an application that allows you to discover people who have the same interests and who want to have an appointment.

- You can create numerous communities with different hashtags.

- You can send profiles friends that may be interested in staying with you.

- It allows to make comments on places cities as revisions that can be used by other people when they visit those cities.

- Enable notifications that are sent to you when someone has seen your profile and likes it.

- It is an application that has numerous newsrooms around the world.

- It allows you to send photos that represent you and that make up your profile.

- It is an application with Premium subscription which gives more functionality. It is an application that has a subscription of almost $ 8 per month.

Keep in mind that you must be over 18 years old to use this application.