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All-In-One Toolbox is an to clean, boost and manage your phone.






This app offers you a mere 29 different tools that you can use to keep your Android working in good condition.

Among the most important tools, you will find a cache cleaner that allows you to get rid of any unnecessary content from your Android's memory in order to make it faster; or a browsing history cleaner, thanks to that you can do exactly that: clearing the history of all your apps.

Its most important features are:

- You can see status of your phone. How much RAM run, how much ROM occupied and what is the CPU temperature.

- You scan cache, temp files, app leftovers, thumb images, empty folder and process. After scanning, clean those file searched and your phone will have extra space.

- You scan which process can be exited and will release about 400MB memory every time.

- It can tell you CPU temperature and if it is normal. Automatically choose the apps you are running and you can terminate them to cool down your Android.

- It can search which apps your Android will run when booting. User Apps and System Apps are in different columns. Disable those unnecessary apps and make your phone boot up quicker.

- You can stop any process at any moment thanks to the incorporated task killer.

- It includes tools to make the most of the device's battery.


This is a good app that enhance the performance of your phone. Our ApkOnline score is 7.