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Degoo is an application that allows you to backup your data directly from your device. It is an application in which you can choose what you want to backup. For example you can select if you want to backup photos or documents. 






This backup what it does is that it allows you to have availability of your photos, videos, music and documents from any place.

It also allows you to share these files with everyone.

The most important features of this application are:

- It allows you to create a selection of your photos that are most important to you, for that use an artificial intelligence that based on your profile helps you find new photos that fit within what is considered important for you.

- It is a really very secure application in which the files that are uploaded to the cloud and from which they are backed up are encrypted.

- The app is able to detect when you make a new photo or add a new file and automatically updates the backup.

- It really is as if you never have to start a backup because the application automatically does it for you.

- It can be considered that the Degoo service is really very reliable because it makes copies in several locations. In fact it performs a storage passed in triple copies.

- You can easily obtain more slowly by making a serious account. Provide remote online access to the cloud where your data is. your data remains safe in our cloud and you can access it at any time and from anywhere.

- The application provides a file manager so you can quickly list all of them easily and efficiently. You can even create directories to sort the files you upload to Degoo.

- It is a fairly efficient and fast application. In fact it is really very light and you do not notice any kind of additional Hw on the phone.

- It provides an automatic login.