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In the recent times, if there is something that is extremely important it is to be very well informed with all the news from all around the world. CNN is one of the media group that can give us this value.






CNN is an app that provides Breaking US and World News so that you can know what are the recent news, what is happening, and be informed about what is important and relevant all across the world.

When you need to realize what's going on, take advantage of the worldwide news gathering intensity of CNN. With journalists and agencies announcing from over the world, no different news source even approaches.

- Custom ready settings

- Remain informed

- Watch live CNN, CNNi or HLN TV anyplace, anytime

- Experience the universe of breaking news through top to bottom stories and photograph exhibitions.

- Watch CNN Original Series Video on Demand and Live TV

The features of this app we like more are:

- It has journalists and correspondents reporting in a lot of places all across the world.

- Be able to define alerts in order to be informed.

- Integrated with live CNN, CNNi or HLN television to watch any video from these sources.

- Provide in-depth stories and photo galleries related with them.

Our score for this app is 6. It is fine.

Note that you can run this app game from our ApkOnline platform, but you can also download it from the Google Play Store where you can find further intructions to run it.