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If you like the Gym, the exercises, to be in good health, this can be your application. This application is like a virtual personal trainer that shows how to have a good workout with only one goal: have a perfect body. 






FitNotes is an android app that provides a workout tracker with a lot of exercise for chest, back, legs. It includes routines with a combination of the most commonly used exercises that could be recommended according to your needs.

- View and explore every day exercise logs rapidly by swiping between them

- Navigate to a particular day utilizing the inbuilt schedule

- Add an activity to the exercise log and record sets of weight and reps

- Attach remarks/notes to sets

- Re-arrange practices you've added to an exercise log

- Includes a default determination of classes (Chest, Back, Legs, and so forth)

- Create custom classifications to better suit your preparation program

- Add new activities rapidly 

- Two typical exercise: Resistance and Cardio

- Resistance - record preparing in weight and reps

- Cardio - record preparing in separation and time

- Create a routine to give speedy access to your most normally utilized activities

- Assign activities to a specific day inside the schedule

- Export your preparation in CSV format


Among all of them, the features of this app FitNotes that we consider that are better are:

- Incluse a calendar with exercises recommended for every day.

- Define workouts using record sets for weight lost, distance covered and time dedicated.

- Re-order exercises in each workout.

- Provide a default selection of categories for doing exercise focused in Legs, Back, ...

- Each category always has a default list of exercises - Record your training being able to save distance and time - Be able to create a routine

- Include a calendar for tracing, records and history reports.

Our score for this app is 7. It is good, it is good way to be trained and in good health.

As usual you can run online this android app from the ApkOnline platform, but you can also download it from the Google Play Store.