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U-Dictionary is an application that works like a free dictionary, and at the same time it is an application of translation for languages.






U-Dictionary is an application that has been one of the best applications in the Google Play Store in the dictionary category.

U-Dictionary offers dictionaries for 44 languages, and it is also an application that includes articles in English, games, questions and answers to improve your level of English.

U-Dictionary is not only an English dictionary but also a multi-language translator. It is an application capable of translating languages ​​based on the contexts of different situations in life like the study, working, travel. 

The most important features of this application are:  

- Translator of text. It translates between two languages ​​of 108.

- Translate through the camera. Take a picture with text and this application will be able to translate it.  

- Offline dictionary. It is able to translate phrases, and it is integrated with all applications.

- Copy any text or phrase and it is automatically translated.  

- It has a Favorites section. You can save certain words to make a quick translation.  

- It improves the pronunciation of the engligh.  

- It contains many phrases as an example. Phrases that are obtained from web pages such as the BBC.  

- Learn new words every day, and increase your vocabulary.  

- It includes word games.  

- It includes fun videos to learn English.

- It improves the ability to write in English.