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What is good about the bundle of educational games is that you have a ecosystem to learn whatever. Lumosity is one of this learning ecosystems to learn and test at the same time.





Lumosity 1 is an android game to train your brain with the puzzle games. It is an educational games for any kind of people, and it allows to put in practice and test your solving skills and logic.


We're a group of researchers and creators investigating better approaches to challenge the mind. Our researchers take basic intellectual and neuropsychological perceptions, and outline  test challenges.

We work with 40+ college specialists around the world. We give qualified analysts free access to Lumosity data, helping them to examine new areas of the mind perception.


What we like from this game is that:

- There are always new puzzle updates to improve more and more your solving skills. New challenges appear again and again.

- There are a lot of kind of puzzles: for memory, for logic, for attention, for problems, ...

- You can test your cognitive patterns and game strengths and weaknesses

- They work with dozens of university researchers worldwide in order to improve the Lumosity training and tools.

- Multi Language supoported: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, French, and Korean.

Our score for this educational app is 8. It is very useful to improve cognotive skills.

Note that you can run this app from our ApkOnline platform, but you can also download it from the Google Play Store where you can find further intructions to run it.