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We look after our children, our brain, our body, our soul,  ...  but our phone and tables also need attention. This app helps our phones to save battery, have a better memory, and consume less CPU. 






ES Task Manager and Task Killer is one of the most popular apps to handle, monitor and kill tasks in the android devices. It is a fundamental app to save battery, clear memory and speed up your phone.

These days, our cell phones are an important part of our work and we require them. Ordinarily they begin getting slower and they are continually coming up short on battery or have a full memory.

This app can free up space and make your phone speedier than at any other time. This application will make your life considerably simpler.

There are a few highlights that will enable you to take most benefits from your gadget. For instance, it will kill apps that you are not utilizing, in this manner accelerating the phone.

Additionally, this app arranges the memory by cleaning all the garbage from your device. This implies it can uninstall applications that you never again utilize and make space. Besides, this application likewise saves your battery

The features of this app that we like more are:

- Provide a good monitor viewer to kill processes, apps and tasks in order to save battery.

- It allows to detect the apps with bad performance in order to uninstall them

- Provide useful device information.

- It helps a lot to speed up an android device.

Our score for this app is 7. It is a very good app and we find it very useful.

As usual you can run online this android app from the ApkOnline platform, but you can also download it from the Google Play Store.