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ADMA Careem is an application in which you will be able to drive and earn your money by being your own boss.






With this application you will be able to drive and choose when and where you want to work. you will have full working flexibility. earn working as a taxi and have absolute control over your income.  

Why use Careem? 

Unlike a taxi service there is a growing demand for our platform. if you join us you will earn more money making transportation more accessible for everyone.  

The most important features of Careem are:  

- In comparison to the taxi you will have flexibility to choose when you want to drive and how long you want to do it.

- Through our application the GPS system will help you to pick up customers accurately.  

- Clients have the flexibility to pay you with money in cash or with a credit card.

- It has our support 24/7.  

- You can call us for support while you work.  

- You can visit us in one of our offices.  

The way to use this Careem application is very easy: 

- Register your contact details on our website drive.careem.com. 

- Complete our Captain training.  

- Download our application. 

- Accept your first trip, and you are ready to earn money.  

Careem car registration service is available 24/7 in most cities of MENA, Pakistan, Turkey, ... for example Dubai, Lahore, Cairo, Beirut, Islamabad, Istanbul, and many more.