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XLauncher also called as iLauncer, is a launcher that combines the advantages of Android with those of IOS 12, using a modern and beautiful design. 






This is an application that completely changes the appearance and operation of your phone. 

The new x launcher is completely different from the old versions. is based on the latest Android 8.1, which has more power and  lighter.  

Likewise, new functionalities have been worked on.  

The most important features of this application are:

- It does not contain ads.

- Provides a control center to define the wifi, the network, and the volume.

- Provides thousands of themes from a repository on the Internet.

- It is integrated with a center on the Internet that provides many wallpapers, with great amount of icons.

- You can even customize the icons that this application uses.

- It has an application manager to find the ones that are installed locally.

- Folder management and its appearance is similar to Apple phones.

- On the left side of the screen a multi access to the applications is provided.  

- This application also includes a 3D touch menu, where you can easily modify the title, widgets, and details.  

- There is a new management of notifications.