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ibisPaint X is an app to draw taking into account that it allows you to share how you draw with everyone via a social network.






This app provides as a main functionality the possibility to record users when drawing. After that, it guides you share the video to everyone.

Additionally, ibis Paint X also has a great amount of drawing features:

- It provides a lot of kinds of brushes including felt tip pens, dip pens,digital pens, air brushes, fan brushes and flat brushes.

- It includes various brush parameters such as thickness, opacity, and brush angle.

- It adds adjustment of brush thickness and opacity.

- There are several layer modes such as individual layer opacity, alpha blending, ...

- It includes a feature for clipping images, ...

- Regarding the layers, you also have layer duplication, import from Gallery, horizontal and vertical inversion, layer rotation, zooming in/out and moving.

- It has enhanced text tools like Font select, Vertical writing, Horizontal writing, Stroke, ...

- It also provides additional features like Dot, Noise, Slash, Cross, and Square.

- You can also select an area, and perform actions like rotation, inversion, moving and zooming in/out.

- It provides a palette with unlimited colors, or you can also select any colors you want from the color wheel using HSB or RGB.

- It provides a Color Picker.

- There are 32 different filter features.

- It includes rotating canvas feature.

- You can also select a background color (white, bright transparent, dark transparent).

- Undo/redo.

- It includes a "My Gallery".

- It allows to export replay videos (MP4) and captures (PNG/JPEG) to Gallery with the export function.

- You can download other people's artwork.


It is a very good application for drawing. Our ApkOnline score is 8.