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★★★ If you have any questions or experience any errors, please contact us via the channels which you can find on Please do not write a bad rating for this app without contacting us first. Thank you! ★★★

Please read these important hints
⚠ ⚠

⚠ This app only works with a valid license for the software FE2 or firEmergency 1 (starting with version or 2.x) ⚠

★★★ aPager PRO - The successor of the popular alerting app aPager with 25.000 Downloads and an average rating of 4.6 ★★★

The app receives push messages and SMS from the server software FE2. It serves as an additional way of alerting rescue services, like fire departments.

FE is compatible to the most common radio decoding tools like FMS32, bosmon, radio operator PRO. Depending on the configuration it forwards the alerts to different channels, like this app or traditional SMS. For testing alerts on the phone please use the menu entry “Send test message”.

In order to receive “real” alerts, FE must be configured first. To simplify that, you can find the documentation here ( and a discussion board here (
A large community awaits you here with profound knowledge and many advice.

aPager PRO contains these innovative features (excerpt)

✔ Selective activation and deactivation of desired alert groups. You want to disable an alert group temporarily? No problem, just turn it off.
✔ Profile: Create profiles depending on the priority of the alerts, e. g. “silent + camera light” or “always ring” and your desired alert groups get notified with the chosen settings.
✔ Multi selection of alerts in the alert list
✔ Search the alert list
✔ Feedback for an alert upon reception. Your device does not need to be unlocked, it gets unlocked automatically.
✔ Info alerts: Send alerts that are less urgent as a notification only without showing a popup, e. g. to send an invitation for the next group exercise.
✔ Complete redesign of the app making use of modern technology
✔ Receive alert messages in Android Auto (navigate to the incident site and send feedback via voice commands)

The features known from aPager 1 include

✔ End to end encryption using AES-256. Your alerts are encrypted in FE and decrypted on the target devices, your phone. Nobody can decrypt your alerts without knowing the proper key.
✔ Send a feedback for an alert (Whether you can take part in the operation or not). Monitoring your team’s availability becomes very easy.
✔ Alert via SMS. Combine the reliability of SMS with this app’s methods
✔ Use push messages and SMS parallel. The message received first gets displayed, the other one is not shown after checking the content for equality.
✔ Navigate to the operation (via installed navigation apps like Google Maps)
✔ Feedback can be displayed on the “AlarmMonitor 3 / 4” (another product of alamos GmbH, please have a look at
✔ Set your own availability status very easily inside the app or via a permanent notification
✔ Choose a different ringtone your each alert group if desired
✔ Additional signalling of alerts using the built in camera light (not all devices)

☝ Information about the app’s permissions: ☝

fire department, alert, sms, additional alerting, alerting, alarmtool, firemergency, rescue services, alarmmonitor, AM3, AM4

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