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Anti Theft Alarm Find My phone

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Run this app named Anti Theft Alarm Find My phone or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Anti Theft Alarm - Don't Touch My Phone otherwise you will be in danger and also wrong password alert help you to catch thief or intruder who try to enter wrong password. Anti-Theft alert on wrong password activation with password protection. Motion detector ringing with notification alert when at charger removal or burglary detecting. Anti theft alarm app is a best and secure app for dont touch and to secure you with intruder alert and burglar at mobile robbery or data stealing. Anti-Theft Alarm : Don't touch my phone is a foolproof security app for mobile phones. It trains every cell phone to react immediately with motion sensor alarm if they are moved by someone else. Anti Theft Alarm App Alert - Don't Touch My Phone is a mobile security app. Anti-theft Alarm (Don't touch my phone) works as phone thief catcher and mobile safety alarm with mobile anti theft security system with triggar alarm.

Don't Touch My Phone Security Alarm Mobile Anti-theft is the perfect app to keep intruders from using your phone without permission. It takes care of your mobile phone security by giving it voice to secure itself from all the dangers that prevails outside your hands. Put your phone on a flat surface and press the activate button. Phone tracking by voice make very easy to find lost mobile as an android phone tracker by clap. Mobile anti-theft alerts you with a battery alarm. Anti-theft security informs you of the full battery remove charger. Theft security has a loud remove charger alarm. Motion detector feature is free in this anti theft alarm phone security. Motion detection is the best function in find my phone free app. Motion sensor activates very quickly when happening any motion.

Anti Theft Alarm Alert Don't Touch My Phone is the anti theft phone security alarm app that detects motion when someone tries to touch or disconnect the charger of your phone without your permission. And only you can turn off the alarm using personal PIN-code or unlock pattern. If You Are Worry About keep Safety Of Your Device Then This Anti Theft Alarm, Dont Touch My Phone App Is best option For You. This app works as security phone with anti-theft security options. Anti Theft Alarm App Alert - Don't Touch My Phone works in a simple way against theft protection not needed anymore because this anti-theft mobile app will secure your privacy. Don't touch my phone uses your phone sensor and have many alarm tones. Clap phone locator lost gadget finder app protect phone from stolen as anti theft alarm lost phone finder. Charger removal alert helps you at home as well as outside, you want to charge your phone at some public place and you are worried about being stolen your phone, you don't have to worry charger removal alert app will protect your phone from thieves.

Find lost phone function helps you by giving a safety alarm when someone removes the phone from your pocket so your gives them clear warning that Don't touch my phone, unplugs charging, or steals your headphones. You no longer have to worry about mobile thieves! You are safe now. When the alarm is on the intruder cannot reduce the alarm volume and notify you even the phone is in silent mode. When the alarm is on the intruder cannot reduce the alarm volume and notify you even the phone is in silent mode. Don't Touch My Phone app will take a photo in background if someone try to unlock your phone with wrong password from lock screen. Find Lost Phone will save the picture of intruder where you can see his picture after you get your phone back.

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Developer: AlphaLogex IT Solutions