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Download this app named Anti Lizard.

The Anti Lizard Prank app is specially designed to ward off lizards in your home.
If you are one of those who go scurrying away in opposite direction with the sight of lizards then you might be facing Herpetophobia which 57% of the world population face.
The frequency emitted is so intolerable to these creepy crawlies that they won't even reach 25-30 meters from your peaceful abode.
Anti Lizard Prank is such a nice app.Anti Lizard Repeller use high frequency Sounds are used in this app which can hearing sense of human ears. Anti Lizard Prank is entertainment purpose to make your friends fool.
You though mosquito control is all that we can offer!? No, nowadays they are not only one who can scare people. Anti Lizard Repellent app works like Anti Mosquito, Mosquito Repeller , Anti Rat , Anti Insect ,Rat Repellent , Anti Fly , Fly Repellent app. and wild animals! All of it we can offer to you!
Remember, it is a prank!
-Our advantages:
*does not make battery getting down
*optimized with emergency help
*power control
*support the security status
*simple to use
*Anti Lizard Simulator
*Lizard Repeller Simulator
*Keep away Insect
*Keep away Lizard
*Lizard Repeller
*Anti Lizard Repellent
*Kill Lizard
*Lizard Killer
*Sound Repellent
*Insect repeller
*Free App
*really works against mosquitoes
*really works against dogs and cats
*really works against birds and wild animals




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