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Ant Superhero Micro Battle - Street Fighting Games Download

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Ant Superhero Micro Battle

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Download this app named Ant Superhero Micro Battle - Street Fighting Games.

Ant Superhero Micro Battle - Street Fighting Games is for fighters who loves fighting games. In which we added wasp hero, ant hero. Battle arena with the immortals you can say. Rescue is your first mission. It’s not about take man, women and clean the city. It’s about to fight as a man hero. You have many fighting skills as you know as a man. We have added traditional fighting skills, unique skills in our fighters to beat these immortals. You can quality fighting like MNA, NINJA, KUNG FU, Wrestling, Fight Combat Battle in this street fighting ant game. Your city is in danger and you are the last hope for them. You have ant hero, spider hero. This fighting simulation is all about these enemies which out of control and you have to defeat them in this grand immortal games.

In this Ant Superhero Micro Battle - Street Fighting Games what benefits you is your fighting skills, bravery, honesty so you should create an example of comic hero, These street insects thinking they are best in this monsters battle arena. Show your karate, punching, kicking skills to defeat them. You can destroy all of them with the help of God.

Who they really are what they are trying to declare that they are immortal Gods but they are not immortal Gods. They are just Fake immortal Gods, who are explaining themselves as a God. So show them which is real God and who are they. We already gave you some players like spider hero, ant hero, man hero, wasp hero in this superhero fighting games. You just select and play in this street fighting game. God are with you go and defeat them.

Real Ant Hero Fighting Game include some kickboxing, incredible, real time, punching skills. In this simulator game you are in the streets of town and you have to prove yourself in front of your city. They are micro in front of you. But they are powerful as well as time goes and level up. Win this monster battle game. Show your fighting skills and become an assassin fighter man. In this superhero killing game run, chase them and become a champion fighter, otherwise you would not able to complete these immortal game levels. Fighting arena in the streets of your town as an ant. You are a street grand immortal fighter prove it now as a dangerous man.

So win this battle first with these monsters. With the skills of fighting, kung fu, boxing, MNA, wrestling. So download this street fighting game which is free

Ant Superhero Micro Battle - Street Fighting Games main feature are

- Realistic arena battle
- Fighting ant characters
- Wasp arena battle
- Micro karate war
- Kung fu in streets
- Superheroes to select
- Death immortals infinity
- Man fighting in death battle field




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