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Welcome to Anime Arcade! You can play many different types of arcade games, each featuring characters from Anime Gacha! Every arcade game has an Easy and Hard mode, with both modes having their own leaderboard! Compete against other players and see if you got the skills to be number one!

Anime Arcade will be releasing new games after Anime Gacha updates. All the Ultra Rare characters from Anime Gacha will be free to play! Hope you enjoy playing Anime Arcade. Look forward to more exciting arcade games to compete in!

Game Features
7 Free Arcade games (3 Extra games if you remove ads)
Easy & Hard mode leaderboards for every game
Achievements for each arcade game
Unlock Wallpapers to set for your homepage

- The game may lag or have problems on old devices
- If your internet is slow, try turning off wi-fi before you start the game
- Turn power-saving off to reduce lag
- If your device starts to lag after playing a while you may need to restart your device
- Bugs may occur if you turn wi-fi off or your internet slows down during gameplay
- Updates will come to fix bugs & add games!

*Side Note* Some arcade games resemble games from Lunime Games. We are Lunime Games so that is why :)

Thanks for playing Anime Arcade ()!!


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Developer: Lunime

Genre: Arcade

App version: 1.2.0

App size: 40M

Recent changes: - Optimized for smoother gameplay


When I first downloaded this app on my other phone, it was a simple, but cute and fun game. However, a couple of your apps– including this one– aren't compatible with newer devices. We understand that you have other, more popular games to work on, but as the creator you have to make sure all of your games are kept up to maintenance somewhat— or at the very least compatible with newer devices that a lot of people are likely to have rather than just the older ones.

`Every time I try to play it tells me that it's for an older device and then it crashes and says "Anime Arcade! is not responding." And every time I try it does not work. For over a year people have been reviewing the game asking for you to update it so everyone can play on devices that weren't made in like, 2006 and you're just ignoring the reviews. Please fix it.`,

I feel like the game is difficult and too fast paced. At the beginning of each game it should start out slow and steadily speed up. Personally I had a really bad experience with the bad controls. I've never rated a game this bad, it was sort of a shock to see a game this bad.

This isn't worth it. I haven't played this in a while, but I don't need to in order to say that these minigames are bad. That, combined with the fact that a few of them are behind cheap paywalls and some are plain broken (lookin' at YOU, Flappy Bird knockoff), just drives me away more. The art isn't that great, but that's excusable, since it's gotten better in subsequent games, but the minigames have gotten... slightly better. They aren't broken to high hell anymore, but they aren't anymore fun.

It keeps crashing...Im on a newer version of android and every time I open it it crashes. Even though its made for a older version of Android... all of their games that are the same way actually work. I dont write reviews often.. but I felt like I needed to tell you.'