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Animal Encyclopedia of Reptiles provides users with an array of knowledgeable facts on the most interesting and unique reptile species in the world. Users can learn more about an reptile's size, diet, behaviour, geographical habitats and more.

Download Animal Encyclopedia of Reptiles today and learn more about reptiles in a fun way. If you love learning about nature then this encyclopedia is perfect for you. Learning about nature is great but knowing about animals is also important for your general knowledge.

There are over 7.9 million estimated animal species in the whole world and well over 9400 different reptile species. In our Reptile Encyclopedia, we collected only the rarest, most interesting of their species, providing users with only the best reading material to add to their both general and specific knowledge on reptiles.

Learn more about this with our Reptile Encyclopedia and enrich your knowledge on the beautiful wonders of mother nature and learn to identify rare reptiles, their behaviours and traits, their natural habitats and more.

Application Highlights:

+ 100% Free application
+ Functions offline
+ Suited for all ages
+ Simple user interface
+ User friendly as it is very easy to scroll and navigate
+ Promotes fun education with vibrant pictures
+ Learn more about animals in an interesting way
+ Best graphics for all ages and occasions

Animal Encyclopedia of Reptiles is the best app you can download to learn more about these interesting, scaly creatures. The more you know the better! Our app is a growing app, so we will be adding more selections in the future and we hope only for your support!

Knowledge is power and is the key towards better days. In this case, our encyclopedia aims to educate and share these fascinating and useful reptile facts and information with all our users. Take time and increase your knowledge, it will certainly be useful for you in the future!

Our Reptile Encyclopedia app currently provides reptile facts and information on the following species:

African Rock Python
Anaconda Water Boa
Armadillo Girdled Lizard
Black Mamba
Bobtail Skink
Changeable Lizard
Coral Reef Snakes
Dragon Snake
Dwarf Crocodile
Estuarine Crocodile
Fantastic Leaf-tailed Gecko
Flying Gecko
Flying Snake
Frilled Dragon
Gaboon Viper
Galpagos Giant Tortoise
Kikuyu Chameleon
King Cobra
Komodo Dragon
Leatherback Turtles
Marine Iguana
Mata Mata
Panther Chameleon
Rubber boa
Sailfin Dragon
Saltwater Crocodile
Sea Snakes
Snapping turtle
Spiny Softshell Turtle
Ultimate Pit Viper

Please note that we will be adding more amazing entries of our interesting scaly friends in the future, so stay tuned! This mini reptile animal atlas will certainly entertain you and keep you interested in learning more about animals.

Our simple Animal Encyclopedia of Reptiles app is a developing encyclopedia and we will be updating from time to time for more species!
All you want to know about the most common and most interesting reptile facts are ready for you to explore with our user-friendly app.

Every animal entry gives you a fascinating picture and details as much interesting information as possible on their habitat, geographic location, size, and behaviour. Each entry also contains the common names and scientific names of the animal. Browse through the many selections in this Wildlife Encyclopedia.

Feel free to leave a rating and share our Animal Encyclopedia of Reptiles app if you like it. We ask only for your support so we can work even harder and improve our app.

Happy reading!

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Developer: Candor Creations

Genre: Books & Reference

App version: 1.2

App size: 19M


When I'm on an animal it sometimes gets stuck on the same place but overall it is a good little encyclopedia for reptiles if I could add reptiles can you add the fly river turtle, Gila monster, Mexican beaded lizard and all of the cobra species (king cobras are not real cobras).

Hi there. I love the concept of the app! However it needs more content. Firstly the picture of the Black Mamba is not actually of a black mamba but seems to be of a mole snake possibly. The African Rock Python has no info written about it. Again awesome app concept however it needs more info and more reptiles. For that reason I will be deleting the app.

I have this gamer girl I like animals and boring the nature it's pretty boring just sitting on your phone or a I've used it on your phone all day you're not alone a lot I do sit on the my phone a lot but explore the nature learning things learn about poison animal my blue tongues even my frogs biggest animals & nature are breathing things but if you took all that plastic out they're all them colour dye and just remember that's like you you guys breathe have you checked the plastic out there they

Poor. Little and often inaccurate info

This application is hanging my phone or not properly work'