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Amblyopia Square Colors

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Amblyopia square colors, aims to be a simple, easy and useful application that helps train the brain to use both eyes simultaneously, in addition to working on reflexes and general visual perception.

The game is simple and is not intended to frustrate you. If you need challenges, this application will not give them to you, since what matters is that it is played, without abandoning it or frustrating the player for at least 60 seconds a day.

What is amblyopia?
Amblyopia, "lazy eye" or "lazy eye", is one of the most common vision problems. This happens because one of the eyes does not communicate well with the brain. The eye may appear normal but the brain "prefers" the other eye. In some cases, both eyes may be affected.

How can Square Color Amblyopia help me?
With the correct settings, the application can force the brain to use both eyes simultaneously to teach the brain the correct processing of the image. Each part of the image is filtered only by one of the two eyes and this is achieved through a color filter by putting on anaglyph glasses. Always make sure only one eye can see the left or right color. Playing the game requires information to be sent to both eyes to work cooperatively.

The application will take out the colored boxes with which you have configured your glasses, you must find them among the rest of the boxes, since the two colors are the ones to look for, you force the "lazy eye" or "lazy eye" to work to find this color.

For this to make sense, the application must be used with anaglyph glasses (red / cyan 3D glasses) that you can create yourself at home.

- This game is aimed at amblyopia, if you have any other eye disorders, please do not use this game to treat them.
- This app does not replace the medical diagnosis of a professional. Remember to always follow the advice of your professional.
- It is advisable to go to an eye specialist annually. THIS APP IS NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE and will not be responsible for any misuse given by it.

Remember, this is not a medical application and should not be taken as a treatment, but rather as a helpful exercise.

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Developer: Lapigames

Recent changes: * minor bugs fixed