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Alarm Clock "Space Alarm"

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Download this app named Alarm Clock "Space Alarm".

Space Alarm is an alarm clock that boasts an innovative user interface.

Swipe through the different alarms, drag the clock's hands to change the time or touch the week wheel to repeat the alarm during the week.

Space Alarm features:
- an unique innovative interface, easy to use and beautifully simple
- 6 different alarms
- 3 different ringtone styles: a different ring tone can be played after every snooze
- a pre-alarm ringtone (the pre-alarm goes off half an hour before the regular alarm and plays a really soft tone that will wake you up only if you are in a light sleep phase)
- a nightstand mode
- different widgets that display a clock with the current time and the next alarm's time

The user interface

The clock displays the current time and the next alarm's time: swipe left to see the alarms.

Touch the lock to unlock the alarm clock and be able to change its settings, touch it again to lock the alarm and prevent further changes.
While the alarm clock settings are unlocked, touch the other elements on the screen to change the alarm's settings:

- touch the bell to enable or disable the alarm
- change the alarm clock time by simply dragging the watch's hands (both hours or minutes)
- touch the week wheel to define the days in which the alarm has to go off: if you leave all the days off then it will go off only once
- touch the intensity wheel to enable or disable the pre-alarm and the different ring tone moods

Snoozing and pausing the alarm clock

When the alarm goes off then you can snooze it by touching the big "Snooze" button. After the alarm has been snoozed then you will be able to dismiss it by keeping pressed the big "Dismiss" button for 2 seconds.


Version 1.0.40
- Added nightstant mode
- Soft buttons for settings and help

Version 1.0.34
- More hints on the home page
- Fixes bug #22 (Pre-Alarm goes off several times even after the alarm is dismissed)

Version 1.0.31
- Changed package name in free version

Version 1.0.30
- Fixes bug #20 (The snooze button doesn't appear when the pre-alarm is ringing and the phone is in horizontal position)



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