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African gray parrots are one of the most preferred parrot species globally, as a breed from the notorious JAKO Psittacus family. There are three species of parrots as Psittacus Erithacus, the only member of this family.

Gray parrot species:

It is called Congo, Cameroon, or red tail gray parrot in the world. Most breeders prefer this species. It is the largest gray parrot species in length and weight among the three species. In terms of size, the distance between the head and the foot of a red-tailed gray parrot is between 31 cm and 41 cm under normal conditions. The length distance between the wings of a normal red tail gray parrot varies between 47 cm and 50 cm. In general situations, an average Congo gray parrot weighs between 450 g and 700 g. This species with a black beak has a bright red tail, which is one of the most important features of the parrot breed. There are two types of tours in terms of color. These are called the light-colored red tail gray parrot and the silver-gray parrot.

It is slightly smaller than the Erithatus, known worldwide as the African Gray Timneh. If we look at its dimensions, it is between 25cm and 30cm, and its weight varies between 250gr and 300gr. They are darker gray and close to black. Their tails are dark reddish-brown. The upper part of their beak is yellow.

Although this species takes place in ancient sources, it has been determined that it is extinct today. We observe that this species is a hybrid of Erithatus and Timneh parrots, described above. According to ancient sources, the habitat of this species was seen in the Gulf of Ghana, Principe, and Fernando Poo islands. It is also recorded as the African parrot with the darkest color among these three species.

Countries such as the red tail gray parrot, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Grain, Uganda, Kenya, and Gabon are defined as the homeland of this breed. There are also physical differences of gray parrots according to their regions. The bodyweight of red tail gray parrots increases as they move towards Gabon - Congo. While the weight of the gray parrot is 600gr in the Zahira region, it reaches up to 700 grams in the Gabon - Congo regions. Timneh species are found in countries such as Sierra and Liberia. The gray parrot trade is shown as the most important trade item in these countries. While the gray parrot species are going to extinction due to irregular hunting, it has been reported that measures have been taken in these regions to protect this species.

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