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Personal Security Solution with unobtrusive tracking and mutual support networks for effective localized response.

Activate Locate is the only application which bolsters individual and group defences against threats from criminals or terrorists. We live in a modern world where our phones are rarely out of our hands and thus predictive analytics must be coupled with effective mutual support networks during emergency situations. In the event of an incident, emergency operators DO NOT have a reliable way to track your location in a timely manner or couple other users with the skills to assist life threatening situations. Activate Locates unique interface uses the GPS information, Cell Towers triangulation to provide emergency first responders and our unique mutual support networks your exact location. Our (CONOPS) Concept of Operations have been combat proven in some of the words most hostile environments. Activate Locate has been proved to be the game changer we have been seeking The Office of the Chief of Defence Staff, West African country.

Members can be warned of imminent threats within seconds via our Community Source Agents and Raven chat networks. Connecting all walks of life at home or away. This unique network is available to you as an individual, family or through your participating organisation (police, government security services, private security, military units, NGOs or businesses). If your organization has partnered with us, simply download the app from the store and enter your organization email address to get started!

Activate to Locate in the event of a safety concern or terrorist incident. Our mission is to provide accurate preventative human intelligence through next generation technology, enabling robust mutual support networks to bridge-the-gap between incident and effective response.

Active Agent (within settings) enables you to be visible and observe other users within a predefined radius, thus providing the only mutual support network when it truly matters. This is highly effective should rapid localised support be required during a terrorist incident.

Activate Locate ME (within settings) enables unobtrusive tracking by making you visible to your emergency contacts or the Activate Response Cell. Should you turn off this function, you will NOT be visible by your pre-programmed emergency contacts or Active Response Cell
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  • Supporting Foreign Nationals Abroad (Check-in):
  • Activate Locate is the only application which allows you to register with your foreign consulate upon arrival and check-out upon departure in a foreign country.
  • Incident and contact alerts
  • will be accurately displayed on the map with the latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Stand-To your emergency contacts
  • by pressing the on-screen button for 5 seconds. In-app alerts are displayed on your emergency contacts phones (those subscribed to Activate Locate) which are supported by SMS and email messages.
  • Activate the SOS Alarm
  • by three or more presses of the button. This instantly starts the built-in microphone and records 2 minutes of voice which is sent to your emergency numbers with your live location. In-app alerts are displayed on your emergency contacts phones (those subscribed to Activate Locate) which are supported by SMS and email messages.
  • Notifications/Alerts
  • Remain informed about local and global risk with Activate Locate Incidents. Our alerts are processed to incidents and digitally plotted for effective up-to-date situational awareness; specific advice is condensed by our in-house intelligence and response team.
  • The Raven T1+ chat group helps to populate the detailed Interactive map with intelligence alerts, members locations, users travel, and places of high risk.

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    Developer: Activate Locate 22