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911 City Police Helicopter Rescue Mission 2018 Download

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911 City Police Helicopter Rescue Mission 2018

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Download this app named 911 City Police Helicopter Rescue Mission 2018.

Get ready to start the flying adventure inside the city with 911 City Police Helicopter Rescue Mission 2018. Be the helicopter pilot to navigate rescue helicopter flight and landings to save civilians, police officials and news reporters in emergency situations. Those who love playing rescue helicopter and air ambulance games will love to play city helicopter flight. Take control of your own rescue helicopter and fly inside the city. The game includes chopper flying, helicopter navigation and complete manual handling. Act as the rescue pilot and save the people in emergency situations. Fly in the skies and look around for emergency areas and rescue them all. Save lives of people in danger and fulfil the duty of an air ambulance pilot. The helicopter pilot flying a rescue flight and looking for emergency calls to help city people. Do you think you can fly a helicopter flight? Show your helicopter flying skills and move inside the city between big buildings. Get the experience of flying a rescue flight in this 3d helicopter simulator. Someone might be stuck in building on fire, an accident might have taken place due to a criminal activity or you need to transport an injured person in your air ambulance city helicopter flight.

911 City Police Helicopter Rescue Mission 2018 3D is virtual flying simulation game designed for chasing criminals and suspects driving fast racing cars. Fly helicopter from the police station and chase gangster cars with arrest missions. Fly chopper in the sky from cops station over the city skyline, skyscraper buildings and highway roads. Keep your eyes on gangster’s gang war and criminal on the streets in the open city map. Play as rescuer officer helicopters pilot and show your smooth flight & flying skills with the helicopter crew air combat missions. It’s not some firetruck rescue, flight school, police chase, parking simulation game where you just play as a city cops car driver or dump truck driver. Track suspect SUV vehicles before the car crash and cause destruction. You had played as city police car driver chasing the thief, gangster and cops arrest with cop’s vehicles. Fly a chopper over the city freeway roads to chase and arrest the suspect and dangerous criminals rescue civilians. It’s not some RC helicopter you have to glide and fly inside home or garden. It’s real 3D flight simulator game chasing sports cars with cop’s helicopter flight. Fly 911 helicopters from airport land on various missions’ spots and helipads to make arrest running thieves in hot pursuit chase. This is an out and out action-packed thriller flying adventure game to eliminate street crime rate in the city.

A number of buildings are on fire throughout the city & you are the most skilled firefighter available. That’s why you’ve been selected to fly on the super helicopter to put out the fire. The whole city is waiting for a saviour so consider this a golden opportunity to carry out your duty faithfully with full dedication to be the superhero this city deserves. Ambulances are taking victims to the hospitals. The whole city is in an emergency. Ambulances will take care of s. You have to perform a rescue mission, fly as fast as you can, get the emergency rescue helicopter to the mission location and put out the fire in time to save the residents and the city from destruction. This city is filled with mountains, beautiful buildings and amazing people, don't let this city destroy its beauty. It’s your duty to serve the people in the time of emergency. Serve them faithfully to be their true superhero.

Features of 911 City Police Helicopter Rescue Mission 2018:
• Play as Helicopter Pilot
• Real-time 911 Rescue Missions
• Fly Over the City and Reach Emergency Areas
• Manual Helicopter Handling and Flying
• Multiple Gameplay Tasks to Complete




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