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Puzzle Games are everyone's favourite! Do you love Games that force you to apply your mind? 2048 Merge 3D is one such of a kind best mobile game to play on your android smartphone. In this game, you will be swiping the balls either on the left or to the right. The motive of the game is simple, you are required to merge the two balls with the same number in order to move the cannon.

When two balls with the same number will touch each other, they will merge into one. You have to carry on merging two balls with the same numbers until you will reach the number 2048. Once you will reach the goal, you will win the game!

How to Play 2048 Merge 3D?

Playing 2048 Merge 3D is extremely simple. Balls with different numbers are stored in a jar. As soon as the game will initiate, you shall swipe either left or right in order to bring two balls with the same number together. When two balls with the same number come together, they will merge with each other, increasing your level up in the game.

The balls are in the order of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 and 2048. Your ultimate goal should be to reach the number 2048 in the cannon by merging all the balls together.
Exciting Enough? The 2048 Merge 3D is a mix of adventure, puzzle and curiosity increasing game wherein you will be applying your mind and analytical skills altogether.

After a tiring day at the office, when your mind goes blank, swiping balls left and right while simultaneously calculating the numbers on the ball can be a good exercise for your brain. That will again provide you with enough energy to pass time with your family.

Have some urgent work or call while playing the game? Don't worry, it is easy to save the game and play it later as per your convenience. With the automatic game saving, you will always be able to give your work and family, their priority without compromising on the scores you received in the game.

Besides that, with the classic board options available, you will be able to get a unique feel whenever you wish! Moreover, the game is having a beautiful, classic and simple design that makes it easier to play. And with the completely native implementation, you will get the best UI/UX for effectively testing on your gaming skills.

App Features You'll Love to Explore!
\t\tClassic board options! - Try out different boards for a varied gaming experience
\t\tSuper 2048 Plus puzzle game - For a long-running game
\t\tKeep merging balls until you reach 2048 ball. - That should be your ultimate goal
\t\tGame is automatically saved and continue to play later. - So you never miss making memories or the score you made while playing the game.
\t\tYou can reset your game any time you want. - Life doesn't have a restart, this game has.
\t\tBeautiful, simple and classic design. - With better User Interface/User Experience while playing the game.
\t\tCompletely native implementation. - To provide the best experience while playing the game.
Loved the features of this game? Then it's time to start installing and playing the game! You will definitely love testing your gaming and analytical skills while playing 2048 Merge 3D.

Say Hello to the Team!
We are constantly working hard on making the 2048 Merge 3D best android game better and more entertaining for you. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hi. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the 2048 Merge 3D best smartphone game, do rate us on the play store.

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Developer: AppMatica

Genre: Puzzle

App version: 20.1

App size: 20M


Not sure what the issue with Ads...... played game for solid hour adds ... did NOT purchase anything.... good game to zombie.....

To many ads. And before you say you you upped it to two minutes between ads, I timed it and it was every 45 second. Decent game, and maybe would spend money to remove ads if I could play long enough to see if it's worth it.

Too many ads! I just downloaded it, opened it to play, played less than 2 minutes and 4 different 30 second ads popped up during the short time I played. Uninstalled.

Too many ads... They pop up frequently in the middle of game play, very frustrating.

`Why have a "best" score if it doesn't actually track your best score so that you might try to beat it. Useless. Programming needs some work. And I get it. They have to get paid. I don't mind a few ads for a free game but way too many ads. And heaven forbid you take a break to answer a text is call... you have to then endure several ads back-to-back to make up for the ones you would've missed.`